How to Start An Instagram Blog for your Brand

– First Step To Get Famous On Instagram…

Every brand needs social media presence to get more audience to the website and buy their product or view their content. Instagram, one of most popular social networking site is also a good place to advertise products. If your product can be advertised using images than Instagram is for you.

Many brands have gained a huge audience from Instagram which increased their sales and gained them fruitful reach. Even if you do not have a brand but you have quality images that people will love to watch. Then you can have an Instagram blog. This blog if reached to a certain number of followers brands pays you to advertise their product.

Instagram Marketing Tips By Sudhir Sharma
Digital Marketing Tips By Sudhir Sharma

How To make an Instagram business Account

To increase your brand presence on Instagram, you have to make an account dedicated to it. You can use your personal account if you want like my account. But most people opt to have a different one.
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Make a Instagram Account

  • Creating a new Instagram account is very easy you just need either your mobile number or email (it should not be registered on Instagram).
  • It simple on both Instagram will send a code that you will need for registration.
  • After you will be prompted to a screen where you need to enter your account name and password.
  • Next will be a welcome screen then it will ask you to connect to Facebook (optional).
  • After that, you will be sent to your Instagram account.
Instagram Profile Overview
Instagram Profile Overview of freshly created account

Switch To Business Account

This step is important to view your view count and other insight into your Instagram blog. To switch to a business account on Instagram follow the following steps,

  • Go to your Instagram account. Click on the menu icon in the top bar of your screen.
  • Click on setting located at the bottom of the menu.
  • Scroll down and link on the link saying Add a Business account
  • The next page you will see is Create business acccount and at the bottom you will see a link “Convert existing account” click on it.
  • You will be then navigated to a page to choose your business catagory. Choose your catagory from the list and click next.
  • Then, next screen will ask if your details are correct, hit next.
  • The next is complition page asking to connect to facebook, you can skip this too but i suggest to make and connect to one.

This create you next Instagram Business account and you will see screen like the one below.

Now its time to complete your Instagram profile and make it attractive to catch audience eyes.

Complete your Instagram Profile

Your profile creates trust and make people follow you…

Making a complete and great looking profile is very important to increase Instagram followers. A complete profile generates trust and people tend to follow you more if your profile looks good and is complete.

Add A Profile Picture

Instagram profile picture is the first thing from your profile that creates impact in your users mind. It goes with posts, in stories, and DMs. You need to create is really good looking and great. You can make the logo of your brand your profile picture. Or just something that attracts viewers.
If you have any problem creating one ask for help in comments we have a huge community of free as well as paid designers who can help you.

Write A Catchy and Interesting Bio

You bio-play an important role in portraying your brand’s value and story to the users. Bio creates a sense of trust in you. Elaborative bio is not possible as there is word limit, so you have to be precise. Also, keep it interesting by adding some value to it. It can make catchy by adding hashtags (like #blogger). Tags also help it to come up in search results of Instagram.

Define Your Posting Style

Defining what type of post you are going to share is important. Based upon the audience you are targeting, the type and style of your posts are to be decided. Choice of colors, fonts, and images is really important in Instagram. As user see your visuals before their descriptions. If your image is one a quality one, no matter how good your caption is you are not going to get viewers. But the reverse is possible, a quality image can gain followers even without tags. But you need to post something that can engage people more.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

Quality content is the key to increase Instagram followers. You need to post good content and engage existing one to keep on growing your instablog.

Engage Existing Audience

If you have a small audience base say 50 users, keep them engaging. If you can get more than 50% of them engaging (liking, commenting, sharing) with your content, you will not lose any of them. Also, there are chances your post will come in the suggestion page of their friends.

Post Stories

To engage the audience you should give them something that they can view and easily get on. Stories are the best way for that. Not every content is fit for the post but sometimes it is important to share it. This is when you can share stories.
Behind scenes, workplace, insights of the brand can be shared as stories and later on added to highlight to attract viewers.

Go For live Sessions

Going live engages your audience more. Every online follower gets a notification when you go live. You can have a Q&A session, small interview or some interesting session with which you can go live.

Create New Audience – Increase Followers

To start earning from Instagram or to sell a product you need a good audience base who are interested in your niche. This makes them engage with your content. And some of them will buy your product when you go for selling it via Instagram.

Here are 10 ways to increase Instagram Followers

Still, if you have any query and need assistance feel free to reach me in comments below, on social media pages of, and emails. Hope this content helps you get you to the right place you want. You can subscribe to duggu to get regular updates on new marketing content and lifestyle stuff.

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