5 Common Time Management Mistakes – 2020


Time is more precious than money, this is what the majority of entrepreneurs think and follow. Someone with poor time management will face a lot of issues in life. So, How Good are you at time management? Rate your self on a Scala of 1-10. If you know about time management and how good You are at it, that’s great but if you don’t have much idea about how to score, see below question and answer, YES/NO each no is a +2.

5 Common Time Management Mistakes
5 Common Time Management Mistakes

Question To Ask About Time Management

  • Do you have to work hard to meet the deadlines?
  • Do you find yourself rolling social media or messaging friends during work hours?
  • Do you find difficulty in creating schedules and fixing work hours?
  • Do you find yourself sleepy or tired most of the time in your working hours?
  • Is there no time schedule for your work hours and breaks?

These are some common things that together make your time management inefficient. and this is the result of Mistakes that you make in your time Management schedule.

Common Time Management Mistakes

Time Management Seems easy but is really important and complex process that you need to posses in order to makes sure that your work gets done in time and you do not feel over working. You efficiency is majorly dependent on How you manage the Time you have. After-all we all have 24 hours in a day.

Here, we will discuss 5 most common Mistakes that makes your Time Management fail. Also, we will see the changes that you need to make to get your schedule back on track.

1. Working without a focused goal

One major mistake is not making a focus task or goal that we need to accomplish in the day. For example, my focus task for the day is to complete this article and work on a video for the Youtube channel. And all my other tasks revolve around this focused task. This is a set of goals that you need to complete, Their are focus goals for DAY – WEEK – MONTH – YEAR.

Let’s see an example of each type of task,
Day’s Focus Task: Complete the About and Hireme page for the website.
Week’s Focus Task:
Complete website.
Month’s Focus Task: Write 15 article for duggu.org
Year’s Focus Task: Complete 1M viewer’s by the end of 2020.

You can have multiple focus task especially when it comes to weekly, monthly, and yearly. The Focus task needs to be decided at the start of work tenure.

2. Not maintaining a proper Do to list with task and their priorities

Maintaining a To-Do list of all tasks (personal, professional, and other). And managing their priorities on a daily and weekly basis is a great way to manage and schedule time slots for your work and create a work-life balance. Like you could take time off in the evening to attend a party and work on Saturday after instead of sleeping or just sitting and watch Netflix.

3. Not Avoiding Distractions

Distraction is the biggest time killers. Most people get distracted easily, some don’t but it’s common to get distracted. Distractions are not confined to social media and games, things related to work can also distract you. Like checking on the performance of your website, researching my next bike.

To Avoid: Distractions, block websites that distract you and if possible keep your phone on DND mode and disconnect the internet from your work desk.

4. Working without deadlines – Multitasking and not taking breaks

One common deadline is not assigning personal deadlines to your tasks and subtasks. Assigning deadlines makes sure that the tasks are accomplished on time and you have plenty of time left after accomplishing the given task.

Multitasking is one time killer that looks like you are doing a lot of work but in really you do a lot much less work as compared to doing one task at a time. So, try to avoid multitasking.

Not Taking Breaks also works negatively as you might be doing alot more without breaks that leads to burnouts in work.

Talking too much i.e. communicating with people via any source too much.

Social media is a great tool when it comes to wasting time while working on a project. And communicating with people too much whether it is connecting socially or related to work, social media eats a lot of time could easily be utilized to accomplish important tasks.

So, these are Common Time Management Mistakes that eat-up time and delay the completion of the task.

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