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Today’s dinner- Afghani Chaap with Roomali Roti

I usually order one meal from outside once in 2 or 3 days. I’m not a very health conscious eater, so I definitely indulge in some yummy goodies quite frequently. This has been the lifestyle for me since the past few years. Although it definitely makes my tastebuds happy, it comes with it’s own set of drawbacks.

Domino’s Pizza Party

Let me ask you this- who doesn’t love a good pizza party? Pizza is my comfort food and whenever I feel low or whether I’m just craving some yummy pizza I call up Domino’s. The price range is affordable and the taste is so so good. Tonight was one of the nights when my friends and I were sitting in Epicuria, Nehru Place and were deciding what to eat.

My Favourite Winter Sweet

One of my favourite parts of winters are the winter delicacies. There is so much to enjoy during this season, but my sweet tooth craves Dhodha the moment it starts to get a little cold.

The Dhodha is a super gooey, soft burfi with grainy texture that will leave a burst of flavour in your mouth after the very first bite.

Waffles and Pancakes

Two of my favourite desserts are waffles and pancakes. 20 points to everyone who got it right (which means to everyone considering this is the topic of the blog)! I have been a diehard lover of pancakes and lovers since about 4 years now. I have a list of favourites that I always go to or order from, and I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t a frequent eater.

Beating the Workday Blues with Limbu Momos

I’m a big time foodie and my favourite fast food to eat (like most Delhi-ites) is Momos! Let’s face it, who doesn’t like momos? The juicy, bite sized Tibetan- Nepalese dumplings hold a huge place in our hearts. Filled with meat or vegetables, these dumplings make a succulent and flavourful food choice for many.

Working on a sweeter note

Working in the corporate meaning working for over 10 hours everyday. It definitely gets really tiring and boring at times, but everyday is a day to push a little further. It is especially hard to work in the winters, and be out of the warm, cozy quilt. This past week has been awfully tiring for me and I was almost losing my will to work today.

Amazon shopping spree

Amazon has made online shopping the easiest thing to do. Instead of going through the hustle bustle of crowded markets, everything gets delivered at home from one single click. Along with being extremely easy, it is also a little tough on the pocket at times when we “over-shop”.

My house is under renovation from the past couple of months and that is why we are always on the lookout of new things to add, to beautify our home.

My Hair Colour Partner

I started experimenting with my hair when I was in class 11th. As a junior, I used to see the senior girls with coloured hair and I was always so fascinated. I never liked my hair as a young girl- I was born with black curls that were somewhat in between curls and waves, and were always untamed.

Dutch Truffle Gateau and Green Tea on cold winter evening

Today like every other day, I rushed straight to Starbucks, Nehru Place as soon as I finished my office. Going to Starbucks every evening with my friends has become a ritual for me over the years. I start my work at 11am, and my office ends at 8:30. Right after this I go to Starbucks, and if I ever change this routine, my day seems incomplete.

An Epicuria Christmas

Epicuria, Nehru place is one of the most loved hangout placed for the people of Delhi, specially for those in an around South Delhi. Based in the city’s IT and commercial hub, this adds to a whole new dimension right across one of the most sought after electronic bazaar. This gastronomical paradise is nestled below the Nehru Place metro station that also makes it very easily accessible to anyone coming here.