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Motivational Quote Image – 9 Motivational Quotes

Read these quotes – make them your Wallpaper – Get Inspired Be Successful

To become successful, you need to work hard a lot and make sure that you progress every day. You need to perform Good and make sure your score on every opportunity you get.

All overnight success takes about 10 years


To be Successful, one needs to be hustle and hardWork day and night for years.

National Education Policy Generating Entrepreneurs

National Education Policy 2020: Will it produce future entrepreneurs?

The New Education Policy – An Overhaul in Which Physics and Music ...

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the industrial growth of any country or region. If we talk about India, the government has introduced various schemes like Make In India, Start-up India, and Skill India, which are intended to bring up more entrepreneurs but it is also important to understand that to promote entrepreneurship, children of the country have to be given necessary education that supports entrepreneurship skills.

Do Marks Matter? Is Percentage Accountable for Success

Do marks Matter?

Our Society Gives marks Huge importance but Do they have a great impact in future…

Exams! Results! Percentage, these words are like swords for students especially teens. The education system that we are in (In India: Thanks to the government for changing it) is more of marks oriented than learning-oriented. Also, we are regularly pointed out that you need to score more, and marks are generally related to future success.

How to Achieve Your Goals Easily in 2020

In the last few years of my struggle to achieve more i have tried and tested a lot of different strategies to improve my work efficiency and work life balance. From changing by desk setup to adding gadgets to my setup to boost efficiency .

But the most efficient way to improve me was something different and strangely, the max efficiency was not at the time when I didn’t bought a new hardware or read motivational articles.