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Arpit Verma (Technology Blogger) from

Blogger: Arpit Verma


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About Arpit Verma and his blog

Fossbytes is one of the fastest growing tech media startups of India. In a short period of time, Fossbytes has become a leading source of technology news on the internet. As Fossbytes continues to expand its readership, it aims to provide in-depth reporting and redefining the digital media with the constant innovation

Pankaj Prakash (Technology Blogger) from

Blogger: Pankaj Prakash


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About Pankaj Prakash and his blog

Codeforwin, it’s a blog for beginners. Beginners in programming and other computer science topics. I started this blog with a mindset to help beginners to learn and advance their skills.

It’s a blog about computer science, for computer science learners – by computer science lover.

Alvin Alexander (Technology Blogger) from

Blogger: Alvin Alexander
Location: Colorado, USA

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About Alvin Alexander and his blog

Alvin Alexander is a technology blogger, author. He writes on Scala, Android, Java, iPhone, iPad, drupal, Eclipse, PHP, and Perl etc. With technical blogs, we also shares his personal experiences related to life, career and travelling.

Peter Krumins (Technology Blogger) from

Blogger: Peter Krumins


Location: San Francisco Bay Area, USA

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About Peter Krumins and his blog


Peter Krumins is a programmer, software developer, hacker, author, CEO of his own company (Browserling – A cross browser testing company).

He writes on programming, hacking, software reuse, software ideas, computer security, his personal experiences etc.