How Can We Use AI In Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence is shaping future technologies for the betterment of mankind. AI has already touched so many spheres of our lives and businesses and now this is also getting into Digital Marketing. If we look at what AI can do, digital marketing will get many benefits from it. With AI, enterprises can make chatbots smarter, their email systems effective, and can imply personalization. AI can also help them in making the marketing tools smart enough so they can acquire information and can also segregate them based on their characteristics. The software will be able to analyze the data and provide helpful information to the companies. This information could be used to design better marketing plans and convert the prospects into customers. Let us understand it better by looking at below applications of AI in digital marketing:

Using AI In Digital Marketing:

Developing and Generating Content

Content marketing is the most popular and effective method that is used by digital marketing companies nowadays. Using keywords to improve SEO of a web page or the article, writing short paragraphs, etc. These activities increase the visibility of any post, they make it better optimized for search engines. These things can now be done by AI-based tools. Yes, now tools will be able to write general content with the help of data that they have. The content will be SEO friendly and will help websites improve their search engine rank. The most important thing is consistency and these tools can post at regular intervals.

Using AI To Personalize Emails:

This is something that has become very important. Personalized emails are the only way Email marketing comes into use nowadays. Emails go into spam if they do not go personalization these days, and even they don’t people ignore them. If the enterprises want their prospects to read the newsletter or emails they send to them, they need to personalize them. AI tools can easily do this job for them. They can provide the AI software with a basic template and names and information about all the prospects. The AI tool will take care of all the other things.


So, we discussed this in the introduction a bit, let’s understand this better. There are many brands that are now using chatbots to interact with their prospects. There are many benefits of chatbots and we will talk about them in some other post. Enterprises can record the conversation and data provided by users during the interaction. This data can come in use to understand the needs and behaviour of customers while they want to buy something.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are the most popular chatbots. They are the ones that make the best use of AI technologies. The chatbots on Facebook learn from the customers and then they use it to convince the next one in a better way. The more questions they respond the better they become. This is something that is providing great insights to companies around the world. This is the best time to start investing in an AI-based chatbot to increase marketing possibilities. Chatbots that were made earlier were not flexible but now they are. Developers can enhance chatbots anytime they want.

Predictive Analysis:

This is the job of humans too but we are not as fast as computers. This is why now the digital developers have introduced software that uses AI to analyze the data and provide a predictive report to them. These reports can give an idea to them about the trends that are going to hit them in the future. These analysis reports can help them in formulating plans that will give the best results. It is now very easy to understand the behavior of buyers or the performance of a specific product or an ad campaign. AI is helping digital marketers in the best way possible.

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