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Programming Languages and Computer Science

Programming languages and computer science

In today’s world, programming languages are the most powerful tool to make technology more advanced. As we think that it is not necessary for everyone. But it has taken many places in our life schedules to create flexibility. By connecting with programming we can connect with the running world and will not feel like cut out persons.

Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) changed his display picture (DP) on his Twitter account

To give the message to the Nation – PM Modi changed his Twitter DP in which his face is covered with an Indian towel (basically known as GAMACHHA), this picture says that we all should cover the face not only the Mask but also we can use the home made masks, any clean cloth can be used as a mask which should be cover face, nose.

May this Easter give us added strength to successfully overcome COVID-19

The honourable prime minister of India (Narendra Modi) expresses his wishes on the occasion of Easter. He also prayed that this Easter gives us the strength to overcome COVID-19 and create a healthier planet.

He tweeted.

Best wishes to everyone on the special occasion of Easter. We remember the noble thoughts of Lord Christ, especially his unwavering commitment to empowering the poor and needy.