Wish To Optimize Your Site For Bing Search Engine? Check out these tips for it

We always refer to the most used search engines whenever we talk about search engine optimization. Google and Bing are the most famous and popular search engines, and Yahoo search engine is also gearing up now.

Most common questions asked frequently:

  1. How to achieve top positioning in Bing?
  2. How do search engine Optimization is done and what all webmaster required to know?
  3. How to do search engine optimization in Bing?
  4. How is Bing different from other search engine optimization engines?
  5. Actionable tips for Bing Search Engine Optimization?

Bing Search Engine optimization is not much different from Google Search Engine Optimization, now essential points are to know how to optimize the site for Bing.

Below are the points that Bing prefers:

1) Keyword

There are certain things you need to keep in your mind one of them is to include keywords into your content, use

  • Clear Keywords
  • Readable keywords
  • Keywords should be relevant to the content
  • Go for regular updates

2) Age of Domain

Bin takes into consideration the level of trust and readers loyalty to our site that and this is why it asks for the age of the domain. The older the better.

3) Preference to Locals

Preference is provided to the local resources is an essential factor that influences the ranking in Bing search engine. For a close competitor, we will have a low ranking in search engines if our site is remotely placed geographically.

How Bing search engines prefer activities with different resources on Internet?

There are lots of best practices for optimizing sites, those for  Google holds good for Bing as well. There are various techniques that are distinct in many cases for Bing so, still, we need to understand the technology of optimization.

Tips to optimize Blog/ Website for Bing

1) Tools for Webmaster

Like Google, Bing also provides free tools for Webmaster which helps in learning of site presence on the Internet. These tools can help in submitting URL, Ignoring URL, Geo-target and verifying Ownership. It is also used to configure our site.

With the Bing Webmaster Tools, we can get reports for our site adding page traffic, average position, click through rate, and search visibility on Bing search engine.

There are some other tools which are provided by the webmaster of Bing one of them being Diagnostics tools.

We can use keyword Research tool for finding search volume for a particular keyword in Bing Search Engine.

2) Technical Requirements

Bing focuses on certain technical points when it ranks our site, they are:

  1. Page Loading Speed: Site page should be faster and loading time of our site should be less.
  2. 301 redirects: In case we move from our site to content between sites we use this for the purpose.
  3. Sitemap: It should be updated and clean and if there is any unnecessary URL present we should remove it.
  4. Canonical tags: To identify which page is original and which is not Bing help in identifying these by acknowledging canonical tags like rel=.
  5. Local Listings: The site’s entire local listings are well optimized in this Search Engine. So be active in local listings.
  6. Reliable Backlinks: Backlinks are equally essential in Bing-like in Google. About 50%-52% of backlinks of sites in the top 30 Bing results which have keywords in anchor text.
  7. Social Activity: On Bing reaching high ranks one of the major factors that play a vital role is being active on Social Media channels. To share our content with lots of people put sharing button on site’s web page, by doing this we will get more likes, comment, and new followers.
  8. On Page SEO: Like Google, Bing also supports all kinds of on-page optimization techniques. Ensure our site follows all the methods listed below:
    • Appropriate title tags
    • Description
    • All images on site should have alt tags
    • Meta tag
    • To individual index, you should have Heading Tags
    • Targeted keywords for every article
    • To rank well on particular keyword, we should search for appropriate keyword for better article

3) Optimization of Navigation Structure of site

We should focus on optimizing the navigation structure on our site, to help the fast crawling of Bing. We need to improve URLs of our article to make them SEO friendly, so optimization of our site is sitemaps, faster navigation menus, etc.

With the use of XML sitemaps and RSS feeds, make sure that our article is indexed by Bing but FLASH and AJAX content is not suggested because Bing is not able to interpret them well.

4) Reduce Bounce Rate

One of the most important steps on Bing search engine is the reduction of bounce rate on our site. Bounce rate is determined by the rate of site visitor leaving our page after visiting only one page of our site. There are many different reasons for our site’s bounce rate:

  1. Site’s navigation might be not okay
  2. Non-appealing and non-attractive context on our site

5) To the valuable information site page do not provide appropriate additional links

So make sure that we provide helpful and unique content that is linked to few other exciting internal pages of our site. Faster navigation with useful and attractive content can help the visitor in visiting the site thoroughly and this will decrease the bounce rate of our site.


At present, Bing is a very famous search engine. After giant Google search engine, the Bing search engine is considered as a second essential search engine and the popularity of this search engine is growing rapidly with scope for future growth too. It has a brighter path for future in the field of websites.



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