Top 5 Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2019

As part of SEO, Keyword Research Tools are considered to be a vital part of online marketing. It helps the user identify the most prominent keywords and phrases used on the internet to create online traffic for a particular website. Also, it provides a better experience of which keywords have high and low demand. It provides assistance to create end content. Moreover, it is significant in improving the ranking of the website and its visibility in search engines. Finding a keyword might look very simple. But, finding the right keyword is what Keyword Research Tools do.

There are Two Types of Keyword Research Tool

  1. The tool which takes a seed word as input and gives the most beneficial keyword or phrase.
  2. The tool which gives profitable keywords or phrases by analysing those used by the opponents.

In this scenario, it is important to select cautiously amongst the best there is to provide. Hence, Here we have the Top 5 Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2019.

List of Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Price: FREE

Google Research Tool, one of the most popular and extensively used research tools. The cost makes it sought-after. Google Research Tool is entirely free of charge.
Moreover, it has a direct connection to Google AdWords. Firstly, Creating an AdWord account is essential. Sign up for this account costs zilch. Also, known as the most dependable tool for keyword data. Consequently, the data comes from the search engine Google itself.

Limitation of GKP:

It helps users with their Google Ad Campaigns. However, it shows no trait of SEO. Therefore, the list of keyword provided could be rendered useful.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

Price: FREE

Keywords Everywhere, a tool which browses throughout places and gives flawless results. Additionally, this tool doesn’t cost a Rupee. It provided keywords from various sites such as

  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • Google Analytics

Also, a few attractive features:

  • Cost Per Click
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • AdWords Competition
  • Yields’ people also search for’ inside Google search engine
  • Related Keywords from Google combined with Volume Metrics.

In other words, it saves considerable time by finding long-tail phrases with their accurate search volume, CPC and competition data.
To get this tool, install the Chrome extension. After that, whenever you visit a site that has an integration with Keywords Everywhere, it gives a list of keywords.


SEMrush Tool

Pro $99.95 /month
Guru $199.95 /month
Business $399.95 /month

SEMrush equipped with the following fundamental features:
  • Finds the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Gathers phrase matches and related keywords
  • Gets long-tail keywords
  • Explores multinational and multilingual environments

The SEMrush Keyword Research feature presents well-tested keywords. Also, it provides a thorough knowledge of the significance of natural and paid research. For every keyword that’s present in databases, it supports useful information such as:

  1. CPC
  2. volume,
  3. the number of results
  4. trend
  5. ad copies for the queried term

Additionally, it shows the most prominent web players who use the keyword and their most popular landing pages.
Finally, analysis of this data could be done form both desktop and mobile index.

KW Finder

KWFinder Tool

Basic $29.90
Premium $39.90
Agency $79.90

KW Finder tool specifically overlooks Keyword Research only. One of the newest tools released yet it has been fast-growing. It gives keywords that target high traffic. Moreover, you could find long-tail keywords by using the Question-based search option.

Additional features:

  • See competitors rank
  • Get search volumes with historical data
  • Local keyword research and SERP analysis
  • 1,6 Billion related keywords and growing 20 M monthly
  • 100 M competitor keywords checked each month
  • 52 k supported locations of cities, districts, countries


Ubersuggests Tool

Price: NA

Ubersuggest suggests a scheme that could be adopted, improved. These suggestions are specifics insights used by a contemporary.

Furthermore, to optimize the content, it supplies the top SEO pages of competitors. This feature helps to concentrate on the crucial topics. Even more, Ubersuggest provides an option to identify the linkers. It is to say, what content do your topics link. After that, by approaching the site to link it, yours could be helpful. Also, shopping, YouTube, images, NEWS could be searched using this tool.

Additionally, this tool is very useful, especially for new companies and websites. It provides a boost for all the young age entrepreneurs out there. It is the best option with all the imaginable features that have a need.


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