Keep experimenting – to increase Google AdSense CPC and CTR

In this blog I am writing about Google AdSense Ad units experiments to increase CPR (Click through Rate) and CPC (Cost per Clicks), if your AdSense revenue is really sucking even after your website has very good traffic then you should read this blog till the end and definitely you will get many ideas to experiment to increase the CPC and CPR.

I have written in my previous posts that I always experiment with Google AdSense Ads to get better CPC and CTR.

I would suggest you that you should not stop experimenting with the AdSense Ads, if you really want to earn good revenue.

What you can do with the Google AdSense Ad units

1) Ad placements

Try to replace you Ads to get better CTR, for example if you are using an Ad unit in the Header and you’re not getting much clicks on that, you can replace that Ad units in the content, below the content or within the Left or right navigation panel, but please keep trying experiments for a week.

2) Ad unit sizes

If you are not getting much clicks you should immediately change the Ad units, the high paying Ad units which may help you to increase CPC and CTR are: Medium Rectangle (300×25), Large Rectangle (336×280), Leader board (728×90) and Half page banner (300×600). These are the ever green ad units which always perform better for the any kind of websites.

3) Ad formats

As you may be aware that there are basically three ad formats – Text Ads, Image Ads, Text and Image ads. Generally a Text and Image ad performs better, but in some cases (if your website is not converting impressions to clicks) only text format or Image format performs better. So I would recommend that firstly you have to try all ad units with Text and Image ads, but if the numbers of clicks are still very low, you should change one or two ad units (which are placed within the content) to Text ad only.

4) Link Ad units

Link ad unit performs better within the content, so you can try maximum three Link ad units within the content or with the menus to increase CTR.

5) Niche on high paying keywords

To increase Cost Per Click (CPC) you should start writing on high paying keywords like Health, Banking, Google products, Domains, Home loans etc, you can find them on Internet.

6) Length of the content

If your WebPages has very less content immediately you should increase the length of the post, less content generates lesser clicks and CPC will always remain low.

7) Blocking low paying Ads

Google AdSense provides the feature to allow and block ad networks you can block any number of Ad networks without any worry.

There are many Google Certified Ad networks whose CPC are very low like (1 cents to 5 cents) you should lookout for low paying ad networks and block them.

I already blocked 250+ Ad networks and increased AdSense revenue. Here is an article which shows how to find and block low paying ad networks, the articles also providing the list of low paying Ad networks []

8) Fixed ad units instead of responsive ad units

You might be thinking why I am writing these points. Since responsive ad works with Desktop, Tablet and mobiles. Had you ever imagined that these responsive ad units can bring any size of ads on the website.

There is an Ad unit Medium Rectangle (300×250) which works on Mobile, tablet too. So you can try out this ad unit instead of responsive ad units.

So these are some important facts about experimenting with the Google AdSense Ad units, I always play with such type of experiments and you should also go through these points to increase your CPC and CTR.

May be some of the points will not work with your website content, but some points will definitely work.


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