How to check earnings of page-level ads in Google AdSense?

In this blog, I am going to share the steps to check Google AdSense earnings/reports of your page level ads. I am writing this blog because I didn’t find any useful information to check earnings of my page level ads, which I implemented recently.

How to check reports/earnings of Google AdSense page-level ads?

First, log in your AdSense account

Then, click on “My ads” links from the left menu bar.

Then, click on “Page-level ads”.

Then, click on “View Page-level ads report”.

check earnings of page-level ads in Google AdSense?

Here is the report, you can analyze in any way.

check earnings of page-level ads in Google AdSense?

Please don’t see my earnings; it’s too low because I implemented it recently on 2 pages, by the way, we were discussing only to check Google AdSense earnings/reports of page-level ads.

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  • Hi,

    Informative article, this is so easy to follow. Keep it up!!


  • Thank you very much, sir! You’re really a good person, as you always appreciate the hard work.

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