How to convert impressions into clicks to maximize Ad revenue?

As I always say that I am a crazy guy who is regularly experimenting since the last few years with the ads, and I am doing so through genuine tips without effecting readers experience on your website I am able to maximize the ad revenue.

Some workable tips to convert impressions to clicks

First thing that you should keep in your mind while doing so is that, never try to play against the ad serving policies, read all policies carefully and then try experimenting with the ad units.

  • You do not have control on Google ad serving policies, you never know which ad will be displayed, but one thing that you can do is that you can block low paying ads by analysing through your reports.
  • You can change the colors of link ad units; try out different colors which match with the existing internal webpage’s link colors.
  • You can also change the ad placements – for example, if you are getting low CTR on an ad unit which is placed in the header, you can place that ad unit below the header or within the content.
  • Important!!! Try to use high performing ad units; some of the high performing ad units are Medium rectangle (300×250), larger rectangle (336×380), Leader board (728×90) and Half page banner (300×600).
  • Do not use all ad units on a page which has less content, you can use only one or two ad units there.
  • If you really want to increase CTR, you should use Link Ad units within the content or near menus.

Please Note: These things should be avoided yourself getting banned of your AdSense account

  • Avoid accidental clicks
  • Avoid improper ad placements
  • Do not place all three ad units on a page which has very less content
  • Avoid using ad units on login, thank you etc pages

Before doing any form of experimenting, please read these guidelines carefully


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