How Quality content affects the ranking of a web page

There often exists a mysterious logic behind the ranking of the webpages. Additionally, there are many theories attached to it. These include guest blogging, social media and many more. 

But the truth is, there is no single solution that affects the ranking of a webpage rather a group of solutions that combine to increase the rank. This is the main reason why SEO evolved amidst from link building and on-page optimization.

But the tables have turned nowadays. There often arises a confusion about what is more important SEO or good content. The reason being the huge demand for valuable content in the market.  Good content can really give a web page higher rankings in the SERPs. Any organization that wants to attract people online to their products or services need to focus on good content. The algorithms of search engines and also people’s minds give priority to the posts or websites with good content. Keyword-rich content writing might help in getting higher ranks in the search results. If the content is not attractive and unique, eventually the ranking will fall down.


Good Quality content and page rankings

Stats describing the need for clarity among SEO and content marketing:

It has been observed that good content is valued all over the aspects of digital marketing. The same goes for SEO and SEM. Also, in the coming years, they will increase at a commendable rate. Over 77% of marketers are working on their content production. Approx 91% of the marketers associated with B2B use content marketing as their primary tool. In the next five years, not only a total of 46% of marketers will increase their expenditure on SEO and SEM but also 54% of them think that SEO will grow at an exponential rate. 

Online world and content
Quality Content wins

SEO and Content Marketing should be merged:

Most of the times organizations don’t focus on content while doing SEO. According to the definition of SEO, any activity can be done to increase organic traffic from the search engines. On the other hand, content marketing is creating and marketing quality content to increase traffic.

Both SEO and Content Marketing are done to attract traffic. To gain the best results that can also last long, both these concepts should be merged. When both of these merge together, the results will take the webpage to very high ranks. This is because the content, as well as the ways to attract traffic both, will be strong. The keywords that are an important part of SEO should be inserted into the content where they fit naturally. Stuffing the content with keywords might kill its attractiveness. 

It will be very easy to attract traffic for high-quality content than normal or bad quality content.

Organizations can increase the traffic as much as two to three times with the use of good content.


Using content marketing tactics with SEO can provide organizations with the results that they want. Good content can travel throughout the internet. It can attract people from the places that the organization might not have heard about. Focusing on how informative and unique the content should be is important. Only those keywords that naturally fit in the content should be used, stuffing it will not help. Most of the times people overlook the importance of good content. The effects of good content are always positive, they always attract. Marketing quality content is easy, it can attract organic traffic. The best part about promoting quality content is, it stays with people. They might talk about it with other afterwards that will increase the traffic without the efforts of the organization.

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