Revolution in the medical field: Scientists create the world’s smallest robot to cure diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer

Houston Texas’s scientists have created the world ‘s smallest medical robot. It measures just 120 nanometers. This means that it is also about one hundred thousand times thinner than a human hair. It has been given a place in Guinness World Records as the smallest robot. Scientists say that this robot will be able to cure cancer and Alzheimer’s patients in the future.

Scientists of San Antonio (UTSA) at Texas University of America prepared a series of nano-robots during their research. It is believed to be a big revolution in America’s medical history. UTSA professor Ryan Guo said that they have prepared such noncomposite particles, which can be run in the remote electromagnetic field with the help of remote control. These noncomposite will work as a small robot with partial biological cells.

Guo explained that it can get through the channel of the membrane of the cell so that it can inscribe into a small object, in this case, a biological cell. It’s nano-robot that can enter into space and here it is a cell, a biological cell, which is very small that you can’t even imagine.

Parts of nano-robot have been prepared with the help of Brazil. Guo further said that after developing nano-robots, there is a hope of a revolution in the medical field. With the help of these, cancer cells will be easily identified during chemotherapy. At the same time, patients with Alzheimer’s can also be given special treatment. UTSA did the experimental demonstration of the medical robot in 2016.


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