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How to start a digital marketing company

Digital marketing is a growing business in India. If you are one of those people who are thinking of starting a digital marketing company then this article is for you. There are certain things that are important for people who want to do a startup in the digital marketing field. A few years back thinking of this was not possible, but now things have changed.

10 Ways To Make Your Content SEO Friendly

Easy Steps that can help you create an SEO Friendly Content that ranks Higher.

SEO friendly keyword and research
Keyword Research and Find SEO friendly Keywords

Writing online content is not an easy job. There are many layers that people don’t even know about. The way a person writes online content affects its reach. An article should be SEO friendly to reach to maximum people.

Why is Email Marketing still important?

Emails have been used for the purpose of marketing since long. It may be regarded as the first form of online marketing. Emails are there since the ’90s and the internet has changed a lot since then. There are many digital marketing companies that think that email marketing is not as powerful as before.

Career Aspects in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a sector that is getting popular each passing day. It is now getting the attention that was due from long. People who never knew about it are looking for career opportunities in Digital Marketing Sector. It really has a great scope and many career options for the people who are genuinely interested and have relevant skills.

How Google shows search results to users

Google Search results and SEO

The amount of information available on the internet is massive. It is almost impossible to find what the user actually wants without a particular kind of sorting. Here’s why Google ranking systems came into play. The main function of the Google ranking system is to go through hundreds of billions of webpages in the Search index.

Why directory submissions are an important part of SEO

The people who know about SEO will know why it is important to directory submissions. Directory submission increases the number of backlinks to your website and that has an impact on the ranking. For the people who don’t know what it is, let’s elaborate it.

What is Directory Submission:

There are online directories, they are just like the business directories but they have websites and emails of the companies.

Things to avoid while doing SEO for a website

It is very important to optimize a website or a blog so that it can get high rankings in the SERPs. SEO activities might be a bit hard but they are a priority for every organization that wants to increase its online reach. Every business wants people to attract as many people as it can and the internet gives them the power to reach masses.

How Quality content affects the ranking of a web page

There often exists a mysterious logic behind the ranking of the webpages. Additionally, there are many theories attached to it. These include guest blogging, social media and many more. 

But the truth is, there is no single solution that affects the ranking of a webpage rather a group of solutions that combine to increase the rank.

Benefits of SEO for a small business

Search Engine Optimization is important irrespective of the size of an organization. There are some small scale organizations who don’t realise the potential of digital marketing in their growth. Small scale industries have a limited budget. Also, they have to do all their tasks by keeping it balanced. Even if an industry is small, they still have to compete with big industries in the same niche.