10 Ways To Make Your Content SEO Friendly

Easy Steps that can help you create an SEO Friendly Content that ranks Higher.

SEO friendly keyword and research
Keyword Research and Find SEO friendly Keywords

Writing online content is not an easy job. There are many layers that people don’t even know about. The way a person writes online content affects its reach. An article should be SEO friendly to reach to maximum people. SEO is done to increase the reach of a webpage and to boost the ranking on search Engines.

To increase the reach it is important to have good backlinks. There are many websites that allow submission of websites, they are an online directory of websites. Coming back to the content, the quality of the article matter but it is wasted if the website or the webpage is not popular. It is important to optimize the content for both users and search engines. Content writes need to give an article sufficient time and put in efforts to increase its reach.

Content marketing is important, creating backlinks for the specific article is important. Below are some ways that will make the content SEO friendly:

1. Deep research to find good keywords

Including keywords in your articles is important. It improves the visibility of the article on the search engines. Keywords that are relevant to your article and are popular can give the much-needed effect. Popular and relevant keywords can help the websites dominate the search results. With the right kind of keyword, you can reach your target audience easily.

There are certain tools that can help the content writers to know the reach of a keyword. It is better to focus on long-tail keywords, their search volume might be low but they are important.

Long keywords can give the webpage and the content high rankings on the SERPs. People use long keywords when they search for something specific. One more thing that writers need to keep in mind while using keywords is, using them at the right places. The keywords should look natural and not stuffed.

2. Use headings and Sub-headings:

Using headings and sub-headings in the article makes it more optimised for the search engines. The algorithm of the search engines wants web pages with articles that have good and proper headings and sub-headings. Heading and sub-heading make the content of the article readable.

If the content is easy to understand and attractive it will create a word of mouth, and that is a promotion. The crawlers of search engines read the headings and understand your content through it.

Using keywords in headings increase the chances of higher ranks in SERPs. Writers again need to know that relevance with the content is the most important thing.

3. Add a link of a previous article

This is indeed a very efficient way to make the content SEO friendly. A web page can increase its rank by the number of backlinks it receives. Good content means lots of backlinks. These can be internal as well as external. Backlinking not only helps to drive traffic but also ranks the older content higher. Then the users can link the old contents with the newer ones. People, as well as search engine robots, can easily find your best articles. When the users create backlinks of high quality, the reputation of the website increases. Also, the validity of the website increases too. The better the links, the higher will be the rank of the pages in search results. When content consists of good sources, it creates a sense of trust among the readers. This also fuels up reader engagement and SEO of the website/webpage. 

4. Select image wisely

Images are an inseparable and necessary part of the content. People are more likely to select those pages that consist of attractive images. The presence of photos makes the website more charming. The content developer can optimize the photos by adding keywords that are related to the image files. He/She also needs to provide the ALT tags along with the picture files. It is necessary to optimise the size of the photos. If the size of the photos is too large, then it will slow down the loading time of the webpage. This may harm the SEO to a large extent. The content creator must be aware to keep the photos as small as possible. It is also required to take care of the visibility as well as the quality of the photo to be published.

5. Write content that is shareable

If the article is SEO-friendly, content-rich and interesting, then the user has already reached a certain level. The next step is to make it shareable. There are many websites available on the web that help the content to add with social media. In this way, people who view the content can share it easily. 

6. Use Content Optimization tools

There are numerous content optimization tools available that people use in everyday writing tasks. They prove to be extremely helpful when it comes to reviewing an article for SEO. They basically do the job of an editor. This may include identifying the sentences that are difficult to read, use of passive voice, readability and so on. 

7. Follow a Structure while writing an Article

It is important to follow the structure while creating content. The reason behind that is the need of having quality content. A well-structured content increases the engagement of the user with the content. It also helps in understanding the message well. A clear introduction of the topic will work well as well as attract more readers. Additionally, one can dig deeper into the topic in a step by step manner. This may also help the readers to get a grip over the things written. 

8. Keep the title Attractive:

To get higher ranks on SERPs following tips can be followed while deciding the article:

  1. Add the main keyword at the starting of the title.
  2. The title should not be of more than 60 characters. The reason behind this is that search engines like Google only show 60 characters in their SERP.
  3. Ensure that it describes what is the article about.

There are tools that can analyse your keyword and tell you about its grammar, readability and the length of the title. Based on the analysis it gives a score to your title. One such tool is CoSchedule, it also shows the Google search preview.

9. Write short paragraphs:

The length of the paragraphs in the articles should be short. It makes the content readable. Keep paragraphs 3 to 4 sentences long, it is easy to understand. Use bullets and numbering instead of long paragraphs, it makes it to the point, attractive and understandable. It is important to do that because there are some users who access the internet from their mobile phones. It is hard to read long paragraphs on a small mobile screen.

 10. Write Meta Description carefully

Meta-description is the summary of your content. The meta description is used by the search engines, it is shown beneath the title as the content that describes the page. The Meta Description needs to be attractive and should convey a summary of the content. Using facts and information related to the articles is also a good way to earn high ranks in SERPs. Some digital marketing experts advise content writers to use keywords in it too. The length of the meta description is between 150-160 words and. In those words, you have to describe your content.


So, here are some method to improve the quality of your content and make it more SEO friendly so that it can rank higher on Google. Keyword research, framing, etc we have 10 method that will make your content better and bring forward to you quality content.

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