Tips to manage blogs (websites) with full time job

I wrote this blog especially for those who are working full time in any company and run their website(s). I know it becomes tough to manage the website(s) while you’re working full time.

I think I can give practical tips on how to manage blogs with a full-time job, as I am working full time in a company and managing my three websites.

In this blog, I’m writing about what I do to manage my websites? Here are  some ways which I do and they can be helpful for you all also:

  1. I write in the evenings or late night only (this is the reason, sometimes you find my blogs late night around 2:00 to 03:00 am).
  2. I publish new blogs or tutorials (for IncludeHelp) almost daily.
  3. I don’t think about my website (all the time) while I am in the office.
  4. I make quick plans and execute them immediately.
  5. I follow almost all Google guidelines (I think, I’m not following on this website as I am giving too many backlinks to the original websites from where I take the reference to write short blogs).
  6. I regularly share my new posts on the Facebook (On this website I have not created a separate Facebook page. This is the page where I share posts of both websites; hey you may like this page.)
  7. Blogs name should be very simple so that everybody can remember them easily (My website names are IncludeHelp and DUGGU, which can be easily remembered).
  8. Do not depend on friends all the time (as they may be busy in their lives), you should depend on Google and Social Networking websites (Note that: friends and followers are different, here friends are the person who is working with you and follow your website).
  9. Allow guest posts so that you can get useful blogs from others.
  10. In the starting phase of your website, you can buy traffic from trusted traffic sources like Google Adword.
  11. I don’t have fix time to think about the next blog topic, I usually think and write the title on the mobile, when I am traveling or free.
  12. When I am free in the office, I think about the next topic (sometimes).
  13. I write from my heart and knowledge (sometimes, I take reference from other websites but I mention them in my blog).
  14. I analyze the website traffics daily (to view traffic, I’ve installed Google Analytics on my mobile), where I analyze the most visited pages and also make the list of those pages which has lower visit duration – Then I update the pages having lower average visit time with more quality content.
  15. I have many programming languages books (for IncludeHelp), I read them before writing a new post.

These things I don’t do:

  1. I do not write any blog in the company, I give my 100% to my work (I’ve written above, I think about the topics only).
  2. I do not force my friends to visit, like and share my website.
  3. I do not trust anybody or anything expects Google. (Yes, Google is my true friend as it is always helpful for me.)
  4. I do not use any pop up like menu which shows on many websites to subscribe newsletter (frankly, such things irritate me so I don’t force the Readers to like, share and subscribe when Readers find things in the blogs useful they automatically like, share and subscribe the website).

Blogging is my passion, I write for the Readers. Since I want to earn money from blogging and I have started earning, but I never write blogs for just earning money. Here I would say, write for the Readers, so that they can get useful information from your blog.



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