Workplace Surrounded by Greenery

Now, most of you must know my work location. As I have already mentioned in my previous blogs.

Starbucks, Epicuria, Nehru place

The view of this place is so beautiful and I find peace there owing to this I have chosen this as my workplace.
It is full of greenery, in this season there are different colors of flowers are grown. It looks so amazing and feels like I’m in nature.
Just behind the outside seating, there is a gate which is closed these days. To exit from that gate there are stairs, and each side of the stairs has the same kind of plants grown and it makes this place more beautiful. When you get down from the stairs it feels like you are going into heaven.

Workplace Surrounded by Greenery

I sit here almost 8-9 hours and work continues. I order coffee almost after a gap of one hour. You will be amazed at the end of the day while going home there used to be almost 6-7 cups of coffee with different sizes of cups.

It’s tower time.

Sometimes, I create a tower of those empty cups by putting them one on one. It is just for the fun.

Coffee Cups Tower


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