Reasons why new Bloggers fail–What you need to know?

In the last couple of years, blogging has become a famous profession. Setting up a blog is not a difficult task at all. Anyone can do it on a whim. Getting started is easy. However, to take the blog to another level requires a lot of effort. There are thousands of bloggers out there who set up their blogs without any vision of destination in mind. They don’t even have a proper plan in their mind either. Because platforms like Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr have made it easy, the number of blogs is increasing with time. Not every blogger succeeds. Neither do they survive the rough period when it arrives? There are many reasons why a blogger fails in blogging as there are many reasons for a blog to fail.


1) Lack of Knowledge

If you ask any pro blogger (Read: How to become a pro blogger?), they will tell you that the main reason why a blog fails is that of lack of knowledge. To run a blog you need to have in-depth knowledge of the subject you are dealing with. You would have to know what will attract the attention of people and the target audience. You would have to know what will motivate them to read your blogs and to know what you are offering.

Most of the newbies start with a blog because they want to earn a lot of money. They don’t have the slightest knowledge of the market and neither they have proper knowledge of their own interests. Together these two aspects create a great problem in the success process of the blogs. Usually, when you don’t have the proper idea about success, you end up failing. This is the first reason why so many bloggers out there fail to survive.

2) Lack of Passion

Well, to succeed in anything this is what you need to have. You must have passion. You need to be passionate about the subject which you want to explore. Without passion, you will not be able to keep going day after day. Passion is the element which can elevate your status and help you succeed.

Most of the bloggers fail at blogging because they see money in blogging and just go for it. They don’t stop to consider whether they have the zeal to stick to it. Even if the market is not right, your passion can turn your defeat into success. But, in the right market lack of passion will not sustain. Anyone coming for blogging for the first time needs to understand this.

3) Lack of Creativity

The creative solution is something everyone needs when the downtime hits. You need to come up with new innovative ideas to motivate people towards your blogs. You would need topics to attract attention. Without creativity, you would not be able to make a difference. Bloggers who have made it have their creative insights. They create and write posts to make people interested in them. You can force someone to visit your website, but, without creativity, you would not be able to make them come back for more. If you think you are creative go for blogging. If you think you are not creative, find someone who is and who will develop interesting, attractive quality content for your website…

4) Quick Rich Scheme

This is not a quick rich scheme. This you would need to understand. Most of the bloggers who fail in blogging take this as a get rich quick scheme. They think that money will start pouring from the very next month. Usually, when this dream shatters, they start losing interest. Eventually, they quit blogging. This is the reason they fail. So, you need to get the idea of getting rich quick out of your mind and need to stick to it. The money will start pouring but it will take some time. Don’t just create the blog and quit after a while.

5) Lack of Writing Quality

Blogging is a type of tutorial. People read blog posts or register in blogs for various reasons. They do it because they think a blog can help them gather information. To present anything in an interesting way, you would need to create high quality write up. You would need proper writing skill to drag a blog from the scratch to the high level. Most of the bloggers who start a blog don’t have this kind of writing skill. Due to this they usually end up failing. Their writing fails to attract attention and traffic.

However, you don’t have to be Stephen King to succeed at blogging. You just have to have the knowledge of what works and what does not work. You need to keep exploring different aspects. You would have to learn to format and create the blog posts which will drive people to your blog.

6) Planning Part

Anywhere you go, any big organization you join, you would see that people are hard at planning. They plan each stage of the company, they plan out each step as well. This is because -planning is the roadmap which will help you go ahead on the road. When it comes to blogging most of the bloggers forget that planning part. They start without a roadmap and eventually find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The drifting paves the way for their failing. Don’t do it if you want to succeed in blogging, you need to have a plan for the future. You need to know where you want to go and how to go there. The knowledge will guide you to success.

7) Lack of Voice

Each blog has got a voice. This is the theme which pushes the blog towards success. First-time bloggers ignore this part even though this is the most important one. Your voice will be your brand. Your voice will speak to people. Readers will get attached to this voice and they will come back for more of it. Once you have decided on a voice, you cannot change it. Therefore, find the one which makes you comfortable.

However, the voice of the blog depends on the product you are trying to sale. If it is motivation, you need to adhere to counseling voice like a motherly voice. In case of fashion, you would need a chatty voice. Decide upon it before you get started.



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