How to Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Feel Demotivated

I have seen a lot of people starting blogging and failing to get success. So, the other day I was having a discussion with one of my clients who was finding things difficult, and soon with that discussion I got to the idea that, due to the lack of motivation, we were facing issues that didn’t even exist. And after diagnosing his issues, the most important question that was in front of every blogger who has started blogging in the fast 2-3 years is How to Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Feel Demotivated?

Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Feel Demotivated
Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Feel Demotivated

So, are you also facing this issue? And getting these questions in your head.
I have lost my motivation for blogging?
Few of bloggers started with me have reached heights but I am here?

When you feeling demotivated?

Blogging takes time and your need to be patient to be successful. But there are cases when people lose hope in blogging and get demotivated. Nowadays many people seeing success stories and amount of many that blogger earn are switching to blogging. And most of these users fail to achieve success. As for success, you should love blogging and also it takes time to become successful.

And failing to achieve success make you demotivated. And you have to understand blogging takes time. And you need to change the matrix to ensure your success. This will helps you to avoid demotivation while blogging.

And even if you have been facing this issue and are demotivated with your blogging results. Just wait and check some matrix-like Alexa Rank, traffics, links to site, etc. Also, we are here with ways to motivate yourself for blogging.

How to Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Feel Demotivated

Motivation is something that is most required for blogging. As you need time and patience to achieve success. And in many cases demotivation comes before Success. So, here are some ways to keep yourself motivated:

Think why you started blogging and blog for your happiness

Blogging is something that you want to do for yourself. And what motivated you initially for blogging. And blogging is sometimes too hard, you won’t get ideas, content doesn’t rank. And many more issues that arise, but the thing that will keep you motivated for blogging is your passion for it. And passion for blogging and interest for the niche will keep up.

Always try to blog on the topic of your liking not on any random topic that has higher CPM (ad rates). Because if you write on your favorite topic it will be more deep and worthy then any other content that you read from xyz site and then write.

For example, i love tech, and bikes. So, i would be writing on any one or both of them. That why i started by blog Techdiagnose and not a blog related to any other niche.

THINKING ON WHY YOU STARTED BLOGGING will keep you motivated for blogging. And might help you get over the demotivation and failure that caused it.

Take A Break

Blogging is all about regular posting and consistency. But when you are demotivated and still forcing yourself to write and see no good results can make you feel awful. And to avoid the long-lasting issues for losing hope in blogging you should take a break.

Break from blogging means taking a halt for a few days and concentrating on other work that you like. This will provide you new motivation to write. And you might understand what you were doing wrong all the time which was taking your success away from you.

This will give you a new motivation and energy to write. Go out, travel without your system and enjoy.

Short breaks can help but Big breaks can heal

Take small 1-2 day breaks when you feel demotivated

This strategy will help you a lot as you will get new motivation and a change of mind.

Big breaks for 1 week can give you a new energy to work on your blog

And they can also help you understand why you were demotivated and get over it.

Learn From Public Comments, Friends review or Go For Expert Advice

Comments on your content can help you analyze what you are doing wrong and what the public wants. This can change your blog’s faith.

Getting help or review from friends is the best and cheapest thing you can do. You can get a review on things like the writing style, blog theme, Basic SEO, images, etc. This can help as they will provide an honest review that can help and after all, they are audience. So, you can learn from their advice.

Expert Advice can be helpful to provide you motivation for your blog. As experts will show you what good and what’s bad for your blog. They might charge you but they can give you the best advice which will definitely work for you. You can get success if you follow their advice.

If you are facing issues and what to get you blog to be the best mail use at [email protected]g or drop a comment below.

Read Motivational and success stories

Every successful person has its own path and ways using which we got the success. Also, success stories like this can help get motivated about pursuing your passion.

Reading stories can help you a lot in gaining success. Also, you can get motivation for writing.

Create a Business Plan for your Success

Success can never be achieved without a plan.

A well planned pathway to success in blogging can help you achieve success easily. And success comes at ease when we plan it well.

In blogging, planning you publishing time, images, etc can help achieve success easily. Also, well researched articles can be ranked higher than an unplanned one.

Planing for your blog while you are at break can help you help you get motivated. And the map to success when visualised on paper can be motivating and helpful. Also, you have now have a scheduled goal which you can approach which can be more easily achieved.

This is all you can do to get success in blogging and Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Feel Demotivated.

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