How to Achieve Your Goals Easily in 2020

In the last few years of my struggle to achieve more i have tried and tested a lot of different strategies to improve my work efficiency and work life balance. From changing by desk setup to adding gadgets to my setup to boost efficiency .

But the most efficient way to improve me was something different and strangely, the max efficiency was not at the time when I didn’t bought a new hardware or read motivational articles.

How to Achieve Your Goals Easily in 2020

So today I will be sharing the strategy that I used and how you can apply it to your daily routine to improve your work efficiency and work-life balance.

The major problem is with Goal Setting

No matter what you wanna achieve, where you want to go in life one major thing that you have to take care is goal Setting and trust me a lot of people fail here, i myself have got the wrong goal setting many time but from my mistakes in have learned a lot. here, are some important things that we might look to achieve goals properly.

Set a schedule with the goal not a deadline for goal completion

Rather than focusing on what and when the end goal is achieved, we should focus on how to achieve it. Let’s take an example, “I want to read 5 books this month“. This is a goal with a deadline and with these times may come when I will be focusing on competition of the goal in the deadline. And not gaining from it. But instead, if we try to add a schedule to it instead of the deadline it will become much easier. Like “I want to read 5 books and will read every day”. this will make the goal more clear and achievable as there is no deadline which makes me cancel everything else and go for it.

If the goal has a deadline by default try to fix-up a schedule with in.

The Power of Setting a Schedule, Not a Deadline

The best way to achieve goals is to add a schedule to it instead of deadline

Instead of a deadline to accomplish a goal, you should choose a goal that is important to you and then set a schedule to work towards it consistently. This decreases workload and stress.

How to implement the process

I like to try things before sharing my opinion. I firstly go apply a strategy, then tell you guys where it is a good practice and will help goal achievement or not. Here, are some things that you must do to achieve goals simply:

1. Writing -Document your work

You all know we provide with a great cooked article everyday before 12 and this has help we gain a lot of users and achieve my target in a really short period of time (better than what i would if a put a deadline).

On my other blog on tech Techdiagnose which I have started a few months ago, I try to write one article daily which was one of my strategies to gain 1k viewers. The goal with a schedule. I got that 1K view count easily using this strategy. But if I would be like this “I will gain 1k viewers in 2 months”. This matrix is not right to achieve the goal as they could not be consistent work on the goal without a schedule.

2. Analyse – calibrate where you stand

Many times we fail to set priorities and good schedule to achieve a goal. And to improve your work effectiveness you must check where you got wrong. This is where your documented goals and schedules come into play. Go back to your goal setting and mark the errors that you made, correct then a get going.

Focus on the consistency, Not the Performance to Achieve Your Goals

You might have seen the examples that I had given in the article, from there you can see the main focus is on consistency not on the final result or performance.

To become successful and more productive at Your work you need to practice consistency and be regular. Most of the successful people do stuff with consistency. Like the best cyclists in the city practice it daily and get herself going. So, these people it’s about consistent practice, not the best of performance every day. They train themselves not for success but for consistency.

The focus is on regular work, not on achieving the goal by a certain date.

The schedule is your friend. You can’t predict when you’ll have a stroke of genius and write a moving story, paint a beautiful portrait, or make an incredible picture, but the schedule can make sure that you’re working when that stroke of genius happens.

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