The CAR that blogging bought for me (Thank you Readers)

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Being an ambitious person, I always try to achieve what I dream. And it’s not just about to sit and think, I believe in smart work and determination that makes your dream come true.

My Car, HONDA AMAZE VX MT, was a big dream for me (as the First CAR). I have been from a middle-class background so these materialistic things always amazed me. I am not saying buying this stuff makes you happy. But they do fulfill your needs, and that does give you happiness. I was happy, I was very happy buying this car. You know why? Cause I EARNED it. When you buy something out of your salary, it gives you another level of satisfaction. And that’s what it does to me.

Happiness Arrives My Home

Can you imagine how it feels to just crave for something for so long and you finally get it. Like you haven’t been home for a year and just want to eat your mother’s cook food for once. Yeah, that feeling, that amazing feeling, strike me and killed me as Happiness, my Car, my First car, arrived at my home.
Oh, I didn’t mention earlier; this is my First Car I bought out of my salary.
I bought it on a very special day, Valentine’s Day 2020, i.e., 14th February 2020. Yes, it was a special day for me too, because my love arrived home. I was really happy, being all the time with my Car, watching the outside world sitting inside, as my heart was throbbing out of great happiness. What an awesome feeling that was!

I am sharing the pictures of the CAR with the family members – I was not there because on the same day I decided to buy a new CAR till 31st December 2022, I was blogging to achieve this goal.

Why a New Car?

Well, Car is the need of the generation. As much as I desired to buy it, I needed it necessarily too. Whenever my family arrives home, and we want to go out, we always had to wait for public transport as with the bike, it’s become tough to manage. Having your means of transport gives you the freedom to go anywhere, anytime without waiting for anyone for long.

Also, everyone has some dreams. They work hard to make their dreams come true. I also had one among such. Yes ‘had’, cause I made it come true.

I always wanted a classy sedan type car; no doubt HONDA is a brand and the Brand is at my home!

HONDA AMAZE VX MT, The New Shape of Big

I have been talking a lot of how eagerly I wanted this car. Let us know more about the car in detail. All about it’s amazing features, cost and everything.

  • Honda Amaze is impressive, its belligerent front, the grand shape, the carved delineations, all together makes it a firm design with bold features.
  • In the car, get your job done just with a finger touch. Dashboard with appealing design and the innovative floating DIGIPAD 2.O that has functionalities like messaging, music and many more.
  • It’s steering is multi-functional with Paddle Shift, Hands-free and Cruise Mechanism with Voice Grasp.
  • Honda Amaze seats are the luxury you buy. The delineations in the front seat make your ride at ease and the rear seat has the soothing seating stance with a cushioned armrest.
  • It has strong connectivity such that one can connect their smartphone through Apple Carplay and Android phones with Android Auto and make it easy to use the controllers while riding.

I bought the PETROL CVT. DEISEL CVT was also available.

It has the firm and influential 1.2 Litres i-VTEC petrol engine, with low-friction technologies that give greater efficiency. It has the Mileage of 18.6 km / I in the Manual transmission with the power of 90 ps @ 6000 rpm.
It’s On-Road Price after the 50% discount on RTO Registration was INR 8, 67,000 /-. I have paid 2,20,000 /- cash and the rest of the amount through the loan (which I will pay in one year, as per my planning). It has seats for 4 people.

For more information related to the HONDA AMAZE VX MT, you can go through the following link and you will find everything you want:

Plan Big, Go Big

I always say to my employees, ‘Always think big. You will get everything you want. If you think small, you will get it, if you think big, you will get big, so why not choose Big.’

And I never say what is not true for me. I proved it.

You know what; I just felt that I didn’t choose the Honda Amaze car, the car chooses me. It just made me to come over and get it. With HONDA AMAZE XT, I got the Big I wanted. My dream is at my home, when are you bringing your dream to home?

A Thank You Note

First of all, I would like to thank my parents who have always been by my side and supported me. Thank you to my whole team who worked day and night to make our Blogging Website a success. Thank you to my readers, without them, who I am? Thank you to the Google and other Ad Networks and last but not the least, thank you to God for everything.

Thank you!


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