AdSense Ad Optimization Services & Earnings (from one client)

Currently, I am doing AdSense ad optimization for bloggers and I generally charge INR 2000/- per hour along with one week support. A few days back, I got a call from a blogger and he wanted my service not online, but in person. I had to meet him and fix his Adsense related issues. I specified that I would charge INR 3000/- per hour if I were to work at his location. He agreed, so we met the following day and I fixed the issues for which I received a payment of INR 10,000/-

Here is a picture I clicked on the same day…

AdSense Ad Optimization Services & Earnings


I am a Consultant, Blogger & Entrepreneur, and Trainer from New Delhi, India. I provide training for Programming Languages, Blogging, Digital Marketing and SEO, Online Money Making, AdSense Ad Optimization.
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