10 Things Required For Success: Success Requires Zero Talent

How much talent is required for success? 40 %? 10%? 80 %? Let’s be real, talent doesn’t equate to success. Just talent is not enough to make you successful. If it were like that, we would have seen hundreds and millions of successful people at the top of the food chain. 

We have all heard of people having an immense amount of “wasted potential”. We always see underdogs succeeding in life. Why is that so? Does that mean having talent is a wasteful asset? Of course not, but just having talent and not working towards enhancing it is wasteful. Everyone has potential and a skillset. Find a field where your skill set can be used and put in the work.

10 Things Required For Success

10 things required for success
10 things required for success – Success requires Zero Talent

Here are the ten things that are required to be successful for my “lesser talented” readers.


Punctuality is key to success. Everyone can be on time without straining their body. A degree isn’t required to make you more punctual. It requires organization and planning- both of which are required for success. Punctuality requires zero talent but shows that you are disciplined. Time is money. Time is a blessing and everyone who has a grasp on time can win the race regardless of talent. 


Ethics is something that deals with the way you decide to live your life. You don’t need any talent to know what is right or wrong. No one is born a murderer but becomes one. Listen to your inner being and live your life with your moral values. Don’t do something that goes against you just for a minute of satisfaction and wealth.

Make the Effort

Give your everything in whatever you do. When it comes to working, we are always watching the clock, with no regard for the quality of work. Invest yourself in the task. What you sow so you reap. There is no substitute for hard work. The effort you put in is what you will be gaining back

Body Language:

Body language is a universal language. It introduces you before your mouth even utters a word. Talent is not required to make yourself more confident. I think the best example of this is Charlie Chaplin, his body language made the world watch him in awe. Body language isn’t important in the business world but it is an aspect to success. It shows your physical and mental health. So, while having a conversation, hold eye contact, and show interest. A firm handshake shows trust. Also, confident people walk with their stomach in, chest out, shoulders back, and head up.


Everyone has the energy to devote to their goals but it’s their decision as to how much of it they use. Be conscious about where all your energy goes. Use your energy, push yourself, you don’t need talent to win, just enough energy to succeed.

Good Attitude:

Having a positive attitude is essential for success. When you are positive, you have positive emotions which will lead to more creative work. When you run on negative emotions, it acts as a roadblock to your success.

Being Passionate:

You don’t need the talent to be passionate. Passion takes the driver’s seat and drags you to your destination. The enthusiasm you show when you are passionate shines through you naturally and is very noticeable. It also gives you the ability to endure the task when the going gets tough. This is the most important skill required to suffocate your fear.

Be open to learning

Always be open to learning. You will never be able to know everything. Be continuously learning to increase your chances of success. Learn from feedback and embrace the success of others.

Go the extra mile

Doing something extra will not cost you anything but will bring you everything. Extra work and preparation foster confidence inside you. “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” – Roger Staubach.

Be prepared:

Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Always have a formulated plan before you start anything. Being prepared reduces a good chunk of failure. Put in hours of preparation and expect a reward.

Where do you fall short? Most successes come from small good choices. Poor choices can harm your future. In life, your competition isn’t others but yourself. Strive to become better every day. Soft skills are kind of invaluable at the organization level but a big role in your success.

It is not to say that Talent isn’t important, it is but it is not enough. Listen to yourself and realize your full potential, let it register in you. The best of the best don’t rest on the talent but dig deep into themselves to build up their potential. Try one of these things (or maybe even 10) and over time you’ll start to see results.

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