PRODUCTIVITY HACK: 8 Tricks To do more Things

There exist times when we just need more hours in a day to finish all the tasks we are given. We cannot control the number of hours we get but we can control how productive we are by being cautious with the tasks we do. If you also suck at time management and want to do more in your workday. Here are 8 Tricks To do more Things in your workday.

Tricks To do more Things while at Work

However, as the day proceeds, we all reach a point of saturation. Save yourself the stress of being attacked with several things and instead actually get through your workday. But sometimes being productive is a task all by itself. We face many issues because of our negligence which is a human tendency but that isn’t the only thing that limits our productivity, there are many influences.

What’s Stopping you?

Here, are somethings that are holding you back and not letting you do all the task that you thought to complete in the day :

  1. Procrastinating tasks
  2. Getting bored easily
  3. Replying to all text and emails.
  4. Getting demotivated before completing all tasks
  5. Doing the most important tasks and leaving the rest for later

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How to improve productivity? Do more Things

Here, we are going to explore some ways to help increase productivity

Make a daily to-do list

Notes taking trick to increase things done on workday
Make a daily to-do list : Tricks To do more Things
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Make a list of practical tasks that can be tackled for the day. Create notes for all the important tasks. If a task takes a short amount of time to complete then it does not qualify for the list. Get the task done immediately. People usually think that they should add smaller tasks to the list to get them done later or just in the future, thinking it’s a good system to follow but, in all accuracy, those small tasks will keep piling up and most likely will never get done. 

Avoid multitasking 

Even though many people are good at multitasking, a mass of people are not. Multitasking leads to making small mistakes as your brain keeps shifting from one task to another. So, focus on one task and complete it fully then go for the next job to produce a better quality of work.

Turn off unwanted Gadgets and distractions 

Even though gadgets play a very important role in a workday, they can also slow you down. Put aside two hours a day where you can keep all your gadgets aside on silent or switched off. You can call, email, and message everyone once the time is up.

Place a system 

Many people are more productive with strict rules but others aren’t. Find a time when you are most productive and plan your workday around it.

Take small breaks 

As much as you would like to get everything done in one go, studies show that taking breaks in between boosts your productivity. By taking breaks you decrease the urge of getting distracted and you are going to be reenergized to finish the task.

Learn to say NO!

Sometimes it’s very difficult to say no. But it is of utmost importance that you handle and manage other’s expectations of you. If you cannot take a task and give it your 100 percent, then don’t take it on.

Pre-planning you Work related things

Manage your things to improve work efficiency
Pre-planning you Work related things :Tricks To do more Things
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Just making sure that you have the equipment required for the workday. It can help you save time and improve your working speed. Make sure that your phone and laptop are charged and good to go with all the other required equipment. This will help you greatly just because even having to look for a pencil will take a chunk out of your workday and you may face some struggle to refocus on work later.

Make decisions quickly

Decision making is a time-sucking black hole. When faced with deciding give yourself a few minutes to decide and trust that this decision is just as good as any other decision but in lesser time.

For those who aren’t good at time management during the workday and have an urge to get distracted very often try some of the techniques specified. Pick and choose what works best for you and add those into your routine.


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