What is Homeopathy and how it works?

Homeopathy is the way to treat diseases by giving a very small amount of drugs that would cause Homeopathy is holistic to treats the person as a whole, rather than focusing on a diseased part of a particular patient. As it is scientifically proved that homeopathy has no side effects as compare to allopathy. Homeopathy is an advance medical science which is originated by SAMUEL HAHNEMANN in Germany[1779]. Homeopathy has received the support from German politicians as in the US.

The common thread in UK & Germany is rising health care costs which is helpful for political agents to oppose worthless interventions like homeopathy. But after some time all the opposing politicians realize that Homeopathy is helpful to create a better health care system[BHCS]. Homeopathy was introduced in India in the 19th century. It is flourished in Bengal at first & then spread all over the INDIA.

Homeopathy- Homoios i.e. similar & pathos i.e. suffering., to refer to the pharmacological principle’ The law of similar’ that is its the basis. Homeopathy is a treatment based on the use of highly diluted substances & sugar bolls.

Homeopathy can work n seconds or it can take years also. It totally depends on the pattern & duration of disorder & body of a particular patient because the immune system of every human is different. Homeopathy has no side effects if it is given in appropriate proportion overdosage of any dilution may lead to side effects. It is a fact that it cures the diseases completely but takes some time to cure the disorder. SO Homeopathic Treatment Requires A Patience alot. ‘WELL, I WANT TO OPT HOMEOPATHY BY MY CHOICE NOT BY CHANCE’.

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