Consciousness for health

Health does not mean a person having any disease. But it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and also disease free condition. Good nutrition is very important for a healthy lifestyle. For a healthy lifestyle you should command and train your brain to follow a perfect schedule of daily routine. We should do a workout at a daily basis not only for follow up the schedule but for enjoying purpose also. As all the guys not like yoga & exercise So, they can join classes for dance, Zumba, Taekwondo[martial arts] for entertainment. It is also a part of the workout.                                                                     

Those people who are not able to manage their work, study& relationships and get depressed easily & face anxiety, tension. Those type of guys must do yoga, dance, exercise, martial arts, walking on a daily basis for healthy living.                                

For healthy life not only workout & exercise is necessary but also focus on a DIET. For good health, we have to focus on a balanced diet. Nowadays every human busy in work, job & family problems & not give priority to health. These insecurities may lead to illness on future & sometimes chronic condition occurs. So, firstly focus on a diet take a proper meal, milk, cheese, all dairy products should include in meals. Fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, juices, gives lot of minerals, vitamins like vit.A, vitB,B5,B12,vit.C etc.

You should remember that your diet, healthy lifestyle expresses by your personality, by your face, but your eye contact, speaking ability.

We should thankful to God for giving this lifejust because we are only one who changes this world for a better futuregeneration.  ‘


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