Relax your body

A healthy lifestyle is not an easy task. Not only workout & good meals give you a healthy body. But apart from this good sleep of 6-7hrs. is necessary, not for children, old age person but for young adult also.
Good sleep gives you freshness end reminds your brain all the information which you feeds on a daily basis. If you work hard daily and follow a busy schedule & not give proper sleep to the body it may lead to illness & weakens your body quickly.

Sleep means a condition in which we are not aware of surrounding experience. Not just like that only close your eyes & feels sleepy. Especially with mobile phone chatting, ear plugs on the bed is worst. The use of the phone at the time of sleeping despairs your eyesight, your body posture. We have to fix the sleeping schedule of the daily routine for a healthy lifestyle.
The study, official work whatever you did, decides a particular time for particular work, not in an irregular way like in the morning, evening , overnight…
Care your health, this is the gift of God which is very precious. Respect your body, your body parts, eyes legs, hands… etc
Apart from sleeping, cleanliness is also very important to stay away from fungal infection, dermatitis,skin allergy etc. Make sure that you have to clean your private body parts on a daily basis where many chances of infections due to hormonal discharges…………….

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