Treat health by REIKI (self healing)

Reiki is not a medical science but it is an alternative form of medicine. Reiki masters use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a ‘Universal energy’ is transferred through the palms of the teacher to the particular patient in order to encourage emotional, physical, mental healing.

REIKI is a Chinese name. Reiki is a pseudoscience. Practitioners say that Reiki is based on the universal life force there is no evidence that such a life force exists. People doing meditation & yoga, Reiki practitioners believe that ‘universal life force’ exists in this world.
Clinical research proof that Reiki is not effective for the treatment of any medical condition. There has been no proof of the effectiveness of Reiki therapy compared to PLACEBO. By the investigation, it is proof that those studies which show some positive effects about Reiki had methodological flaws. The ACS i.e. American cancer society stated that Reiki should not replace conventional cancer treatment.

Reiki developed in Japan in 1922 by MIKAO USUI. It has been flourished into varying cultural traditions across the world. According to the description on his memorial stone, USUI taught his system of Reiki to more than 2000 people during his lifetime. When he is teaching Reiki in FUKUYAMA, Usui dies in 1926. After his death people came to know that Reiki is really a pseudoscience and very effective advance medicine to treat any medical condition.

Nowadays many people want to learn Reiki and feel his/her self energy. REIKI is a procedure of 3-degree course program. After completing all the degree people able to self-healing for any critical condition. people who are masters in Reiki also heal other persons which are not good in health and face any mental anxiety.


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