How blockchain technology is changing digital marketing strategies?

Marketing has come a long way since the past few years. This industry is always ready to adopt new trends and revolutionize itself. It is always ready to go through another revolution. While the majority of the tech enthusiasts link digital marketing with AI and analytics, there’s one other weapon that is as powerful as them.

Blockchain can prove to be the most disruptive technology of all times. It is changing the face of digital marketing and benefitting both sides. The main function of blockchain technology is to enable transactions between two parties. It does not need any third-party verification and thus more secure and stable. We have seen blockchain in finance and crypto-currency. But it can play a vital role in digital marketing too.

blockchain technology is changing digital marketing strategies

Blockchain Technology Gives Power To The Users:

What blockchain does is, it give the power back to the users. The data is in control of the consumers too. In general, it’s the enterprises that take advantage of the data that they acquire from their customers. All the companies in the world want the details of their customers or their potential customers. Blockchain is something that will help both consumers and the companies by giving them a platform where both of them are equal. The payment system used by blockchain-based businesses is fast and more reliable. The rates can be low too because there is no mediator like a bank. The crypto-currencies that are used to buy products can be sent directly from one person to others without any extra charges. Companies can do marketing without the need of any other marketing firm. They have a direct repo with their consumers and that helps. Direct connection with consumers helps in promoting the business efficiently.

When companies can blockchain they have to reimburse the consumers if they take their data from them. This is a win-win situation for both consumers and enterprises. They can now get the data with the consent of consumers and they also get something in return. Most of the people don’t mind if someone uses their data but some people are sensitive. The practise by which companies steal data will also reduce making the data safer. This is a way that can also increase the trust level between consumers and enterprises. There are some big companies that have started using blockchain and that has helped them a lot. With proper marketing plans and the tools of blockchain, enterprises can increase their sales and also keep their consumers engaged after the sale too.

blockchain technology and digital marketing

Authentication and Transparency

Through blockchain technology, consumers can have answers about authentication and transparency of any product delivered to them. They can verify the place, time and other details related to the product. This is one reason why the trust level between the companies and consumers can get better. The consumers can even know where the raw materials came. Everything is recorded and is accessible. The consumers can see all the details that are there about the products by the companies.

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