How to take Right Action to Achieve Goals: 5 Easy Ways

Failure cannot stop anyone!

Goal Setting is a really important part of success, I always say ‘Goals are the basic building blocks of success’. So, The next important thing after setting Goals for Sucess is How to take right action to achieve goals. In my last after I have discussed with you How To Stop Running Away from Difficult Problems in Life. And there are a lot of people who don’t know what to do after setting a goal

So, for you, I am here to share 5 Easy Things that you should do after you set a goal to achieve success. And i am quite impressed with one saying from someone famous i don’t remember who but the words stuck inside me.

Try to achieve a 10 Year Goal in 6 months, I know you will fail but you will be far ahead of someone who is willing to do it in 10 years.

So, I think you might have understood the thing. Its something great and one must follow it. It’s just impossible to achieve a 10-year target in 6 months but doing this you will definitely achieve 2+ years target in that span.

Done with motivation and other stuff lets get straight to the point. The things that will get you in getting the goal.

5 Easy Ways to take Right Action to Achieve Goals

Goals setting which you thought was difficult was just a starting. The path to success is full of new challenges. It a human-run rollercoaster ride, you have to do a lot of work to go up and you fall down really quick. So, here are some basic things that will enable you to take Right Action to Achieve Goals, and as we always do we have stories attached to each way.


Preparation and preplanning are really important for achieving goals. You need to have a preplan and a papered path to follow. Things like deadlines, schedules, and rewards should be there to help goals achieving.

Knowing your limitations and flaws is important. And your preparation should be done to make sure that your flaws do not come in the ways to your success.

Story time:

A friend of mine is in fashion stuff and wants to create her brand’s online presence. But she didn’t know a lot about technical stuff about digital marketing and all. So, she planned accordingly and approached me for advice about it. She wanted here work to be done quickly, also didn’t want to indulge in managing digital stuff (her flaw), so she hired us (JSM technocrates ) for it. Got her marketing budget, planned the inflow and outflow of products (approx.). And now she is ready to start her own fashion brand.


Brainstorming about your goals in an important Action to Achieve Goals. As you need to know exactly what your goals want. You need to dig down to every small bit of requirement of your Goal. And things that you want to manage like time, money, etc. Along with brainstorming ? one more main thing is to plan your moves and write them down. After this take action according to your plan.

Story time:

We all want to travel, and for me, I love traveling by bike. So, I want to travel to a nearby resort and spend my weekend there. My brainstorming will be finding the best road for the ride, find if any of my friends will be riding with me and all the availability. Then write a script of the ride, and taking action with my bike ride.


Do take to much time in acting upon your plan because their might be someone else is starting to work on it. And will overtake you and get the benefit of being the first movers. So, try to be the first mover i.e. act asap you get a rigid plan after brainstorming. And try to maintain the best of pace in your whole journey and this should fast action, to keep up.

Story Time:

In this covid thing, my brother wants to expand his medicine business. Increase the number of outlets he has and also get the business online. He initiated the work so quickly that within 1 day, he planned everything and took fast action on it. The next day, we got to see a property and bought a new domain for the firm and its e-commerce website. And now, we are quickly creating the website and setting up the outlets. This what fast movers do, think – quickly plan – initiate your works and work a the maximum pace you can.


Working on your goals fast does not singly does the work. You need to check whether your work is heading in the correct direction. Also, seek feedback from friends and if you have someone in the same field who can mentor you. This will help you maintain your path to your goals. And you can head back to a different plan if your progress is not in the best of the pace.

Story Time:

My friend and I started a 100-day challenge for 11 KM run and 21 KM bicycle ride. It planned the challenge accordingly to manage my time work and effective workouts too. My plan was to start cycling go a 10KM away from my place to an empty garden. Complete my 11KM run and then head back to my home to complete my 21KM bicycle ride. We stuck to the plan for 15 days but it was so tiring that we had a lot of problems in coping up to the plan. So, one day my friend asked me to change the plan which will make us less tired at the end of the day. As we have to it for 100 days and it might lead to fatigue. So, here we work tracked out progress, seek feedback, and then changed the plan.


In the above example, my plan wants me to overdo, the work. And I need to make it fun and stay motivated and achieve our goals without huge problems. So, try to not overdo things and keep your plan simple and motivating.

Story Time:

Like in the above case, i over did my task. This was killing the fun. And changing the plan create a new motivation in us.

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