How to Stop Running Away from Difficult Problems in Life: 5 Effective Solutions

In this fast-moving and the ever-challenging world, we face challenges one after another. Overcome one and then next is ready in your face and buddy trust me that life. Problems are something that will never come to an end and will always be with you. It just how can you make your problems better? – Mark Manson ‘Everything is F*cked’.

How to Stop Running Away from Difficult Problems in Life

We keep on turning down one challenge and they keep coming, but the next one is better than first. Like overcoming challenges to become financially free using side income will lead to the challenge of buying the new BMW in the market. Both are challenges, both need hard work but the later one is more comforting. At least how the later one you don’t have an existential crisis.

Seeing all these many of us try to avoid these challenges and try to run away from them. They are meant to be faced and conquered, don’t run. If you do try to run, new once come every day and you will ruin your entire life. In the end, you will die without conquering anything.

But the question here is how can I win? They are huge and difficult? But remember difficult problems lead to more comfort in life. So, to become successful in life, we will help you out with things to change and get to the top. In this article, I will show you ways to Stop Running Away from Difficult Problems in Life with some example that you will find interesting

1. Learn to Accept your Challenges

I might sound but you need to hold and be with your challenges until you complete them. But How right? The answer is easy, analyze the challenge, see the big Win from that. Learn to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Burn yourself with that challenge and success will be yours.

Accept the fact that, it going to be difficult, and embrace feelings like discomfort and suffering. And always remember, comfort comes after discomfort.

Completing a challenge will reward, and the reward will be relaxing and comforting. After winning, you will say its all worth it.

Example: The challenge of saving for months/ year for a new bike will come with the reward of that ? . So, whenever you feel like not putting your money into that saving, image yourself on that bike. Place the photos of that bike on your phone with the challenge written with it.

2. Try to find a solution: Plan your Win!

One of the biggest reasons whit you want to run away is that you don’t have a solution. If you don’t know how to win it, you will try to escape it. And that the issue, if you want to Win you must Plan your Win!. It’s ok to hold on for a while and plan the solution, write the steps, and then work for it.

Example: I wanted get promoted in my job. I planned my Win and listed a few things that will get be promoted. Do more work, learn new skill, quick and effective work can help. Then, i planned how to achive these small goals.

Goal Setting can be something that can make a huge difference. Like, I have listed things that I will do to get promoted. now I need to set goals, targets, and schedules to achieve these. Following them will easily make we overcome the challenge and have defiantly removed the fact from my mind that I have to run away.

3. Seek Support From Others

Getting help from others is not at all a bad option. For your challenges, there is always someone who has faced the same problem or can help you win over it easily. And that OK, seeking help is ok.

So, you are facing issues with making a proper workout plan. There are a lot of blogs, Facebook pages/groups, Instagram pages that have a list of plans for you. You can even add more value to it by getting professional help. This plan will reduce your effort to overcome your challenge.

Google can help! Yes, google can help you with almost everything like you want to stay fit but don’t want to go to gym. Search on Google!. It is good to seek help from friends, family, social media, and other resources.

4. Be ready to face challenges associated with the problem

Every problem is difficult in its own way. Running Away from Difficult Problems is difficult too. You need to face the fact that you are a quitter and lost without even trying. To win, its important to be ready to face challenges.

Problems change you and changing is difficult, even if the change will benefit you. And you have to be ready to face difficulties.

Example time: I need to start multiple blogs except for my mainstream. And this is a big program. I need to change my schedules and extract time from other tasks and give it to these blogs. Just for your information, I am working on this blog and a tech blog techdiagnose.

6. Don’t Run Away it’s a temporary Win

Running away from Difficult Problems in Life looks quite appalling in short term as you have done something comforting. But that’s not something good in the long run. Your problems will stand in front of your one day. And will catch you no matter how fast you try to run.

This temporary relief that you get from running will harm a lot in a long run. Your future will be in truble if you practice this. And running from problems don’t solve them, and they will pile up.

Like, i wanted to clean my room as it was a mess since a week. But i started ignoring it for a while. Things logged, piled up and ulimitly after 3 Weeks i have to clean it and this task was really huge.

Final Thoughts

Here, we have learned a lot new. Yes, we both! You learned How to avoid running away from Difficult Problems in Life. And I learned, not to give 6 Hours writing a comprehensive blog post. Yes, it took me long 6 hours to write this. So, please share this with your friends and family. This helps them a lot.

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