Google AdSense | Display Multiple Link Ads in one link Ad unit

In this article, we will learn how we can display multiple link ads in one link ad unit?

This is a short, but a very useful article for AdSense lovers or the guys who are suffering from low revenue from Google AdSense.

I will not guarantee whether this article will be helpful to increase your AdSense revenue. But, I am sure you will love this article.

You must be aware of the link ad units. The ad units which provides link ads. Right?

If you willing to display multiple link ad like 8, 10, 12 etc by using single ad unit, then it will be done by using responsive link ad unit + defining height and width in the CSS part of the ad unit.

First of all, note the steps to create a responsive link ad unit:

Step 1) Login your Google AdSense.

Step 2) Now, Go to the “My Ads” from left side menu panel, then click on “Ad units” and click on the button “New ad unit” from the page. [See the below image].

Create responsive link ad unit Step 1

Step 3) Another page will be opened and it will ask “What type of ad would you like to create?”, choose “Text & Display ads”. [See the below image].

Create responsive link ad unit Step 2

Step 4) Create ad unit now: Define ad unit name through “Name” field, choose the “Link ads” from “Ad size” panel’s “showing” list box, and then choose “Responsive Links”, finally click on the button “Save and get code”. [See the below image].

Create responsive link ad unit Step 3

Step 5) Now, copy and paste the code where you want to display “Responsive link ads” – it will appear normal responsive link ads (4 links will be there – on the desktop). [See the below image, code, and the output]


Link ad unit code 1


Normal link ad unit

How to show multiple links in it?

You have to define the “width” and the “height” in “style” property like this (see the below image – code part). And, the output will be like this (see the below image – output part).


Link ad unit code 2


Link ad unit with multiple link ads

How to make it responsive for all devices?

In the above example, I defined the width as “600px”, which is not responsive, to make it responsive define it in percentage like “100%” or whatever you want to define.

If you have any question, facing any issue to create such kind of ad unit or what to say about anything regarding the post, please write in the comment.





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