Why entrepreneurs should not lose contact with the real world?

Today’s global society praises entrepreneurs. However, there are a few people who know that entrepreneurs are on the narrow border between happiness and suffering, risk aversion, and rewards.

Many people want to be semi-entrepreneurs and get rid of the administrative practices of traditional companies and achieve professional freedom & independence. The problem is that these semi-entrepreneurs can never graduate from the work network with others, and often run away from the first symptoms of problems.

However, real entrepreneurs are hard-working in a difficult and difficult time, and their abilities increase. This sustainability is an obvious feature, but it has high costs: entrepreneurs who lose sight of their business goals, gradually lose their individual identity. Their relationships are troublesome, their happiness and pleasures lose their non-work, and their human interests become forgotten memories.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to go back and retrieve what we’ve lost. Entrepreneurs can also bring balance back to life with self-awareness and understanding of the problems.

Leave time for introspection

Entrepreneurship requires courage and dedication and confidence. But unfortunately, the characteristics of entrepreneurship are a double-edged sword: entrepreneurs simply lose their lives in their creative achievements.

Their courage, passion, and sacrifice become an obsession. And when that happens, the same attributes that they move forward will cause them to roll back.

The key to avoiding such problems is introspection. In the current era, we are bombarded with a variety of external triggers, from text messages to smart alarms, and 24-hour internet connection. This stream of information for entrepreneurs through their professional skills is 10 times higher. We spend a lot of time responding and reacting to things that are often overlooked by our reflection on our thoughts.

If we teach ourselves to hold our silence, to calm our minds and sit down with ourselves, everything changes.

Reflection and look inside make it possible to distinguish between passion and obsession and identify the imperfections of our behavior.

This level of self-awareness is the key to understanding individual identity based on reality rather than blended with your business fuss.

Communicate with the real world

It’s a bit scary to recognize that you’ve been separated from the real world, but a step is needed to find a balance in life. Perhaps this is reminiscent of Plato’s cave analogy in his book “Republic”: Plato in his book defines the story of some people who have been chained to the wall in the cavern so that they are facing the wall. Behind them is a bright fire and sculptures are in front of the fire. The only thing these people see is the shadow of the sculptures on the wall, and these shadows have become the only realities that humans know. For example, if a dog moves behind them, they will know the moving shadow of the dog as a fact of the story.

But for people outside the cave, the shadows are just the opposite and the raw specter is the reality. It’s very easy to laugh at those who think the shadows are real, but we must remember that we are also trapped every day in the same trap.

As entrepreneurs, we often follow these shadows and confuse them with things that are the real value.

We make mistakes with actual success, fame, and name with our true love and ambitions.

It is simple: if we look at our business as a source of love, purpose, and self-sufficiency, we have no difference with the people inside the cave; we are also staring at the shadows.

Instead, we have to challenge ourselves to find the truth in the midst of everything. What value would it have if the reputation for the loss of our love to the family is to be over? Or, if you have to deal with your values in order to gain wealth, is this money going to satisfy you?

As an entrepreneur, you should stop following the transient shadows and instead spend time communicating with the real world.

Remember that everything is transient

Many times, entrepreneurs forget about what vision and vision they have begun after acquiring what they are trying to build. For some, the problem is to provide a comfortable life for their families. For others, entrepreneurship is a way to make small or big changes in the world in which they live. Some people also say they chose entrepreneurship because they simply wanted to be an entrepreneur. In any case, what value can a hard work, risk-taking and all sacrifice, without having a clear goal?

We must remember that nothing remains forever. All the businesses we build and work for will eventually disappear or continue to grow without us. Nevertheless, the main reasons for creating these businesses are beyond their reach.

Letting us drown in our achievements, regardless of our precious goals, will eventually be empty and we will only remain.

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship is one of the good and powerful energies of the universe. However, accept that the production and manufacturing process is very seductive, and so many entrepreneurs are losing their path. With the precise insight and reflection on your thoughts, you can preserve your horizons and recognize the reality of your world.



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