Life Log of Vloggers- An Insight to the Youtuber’s Game

“……’s all about being authentic and interactive”

Video blog popularly known as blog contains video content. Vlogging involves adding video content to YouTube by the bloggers. The increasing inexpensiveness of equipment and prevalence of hosting, aggregation sites and supporting software is making blogging one of the most popular sources for making money, especially among the youngsters. Vlog creation and distribution requires only a video-capable camera, a high-tech computer, and access to the high-speed connection.

Vloggers- As effective video content creators

Interviews with the popular YouTubers reveal that it needs an investment of long hours to create an effective content. Even a 3- or 4-minute vlog demands a considerable amount of time to create, publish and distribute. All the content creators have to follow a lengthy process, which includes thinking of ideas, filming, editing, and uploading on the channel. According to most of the YouTubers, a simple vlog requires at least 2-3 hours, which can range up to 10 to 12 hours.

Vloggers- As the ‘riche-rich’

Have you been wondering about how much money do Vloggers make? You would be amazed to know that the monthly earning pooled by some popular lifestyle YouTubers is more than the sum that many people earn in a year. Amazingly, most of the blog experts pulling in the cash flow are twentysomethings. Now that’s something cool, yeah!

In the beauty section, the UK girl Yuya is currently topping the list, with the gross turnover of $42,000 per month. According to a survey, the average total income of the Fashionista’s and copy editors of the fashion industry ranges around $40,000 a year. In other words, it’s ‘Ooo la…’ for the established Vloggers.

Now you would be wondering about the source of this ‘money shower’, which is for the Vloggers and by the Vloggers. As the matter of fact, you need to know that most of the famous Vloggers make money through advertisement. Also, the side projects and endorsement deals bring thousands of dollars into their account. Whoa….pretty amazing!

Self Employed Vloggers churning the Sea of Fortune

Here I bring you the secret mantras to the success of Vloggers? Read on….

Well, there is so much magic wand that makes YouTubers successful overnight. If you are one of the many aspiring Vloggers who aim at creating incredibly amazing and inviting video contents, then make sure you don’t chase money. Instead, go after quality. All the successful Vloggers out there made their channels standout in the crowd because they chased uniqueness.

Although community and collaborations have played a vital role in the success of most of the successful YouTubers, that isn’t the sole reason that made them famous. According to 98% of the prosperous Vloggers out there, consistency in uploading the content and practice of building a healthy connection with their community through social media talking and responding to comments is what helped them create success stories. The bottom line is, every YouTuber carves out his/her own niche or uses the existing ones in a unique way.

The Final Say

Indeed, YouTube is a fantastic source to learn about multiple things like cooking, photography, yoga and much more. You may even enjoy the treat of some relaxation with some wonderful gaming channels and comedy channels. But the Vlogger is a new, unique content type that is transforming the lives of many. However, there are YouTubers too creating some great success stories, but the video content creators are dominating them.

I hope you would have enjoyed this ride into the lives of the rich Vloggers. Keep browsing to explore more such facts and stories!






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