Do Marks Matter? Is Percentage Accountable for Success

Our Society Gives marks Huge importance but Do they have a great impact in future…

Exams! Results! Percentage, these words are like swords for students especially teens. The education system that we are in (In India: Thanks to the government for changing it) is more of marks oriented than learning-oriented. Also, we are regularly pointed out that you need to score more, and marks are generally related to future success. But Do marks Matter? is your report card the thing that decides your future.

Do marks Matter?

Do marks Matter?
Do marks Matter?

Well, the answer is partly YES and partly NO. Marks matter in life to some extent but lesser marks don’t mean that you will be unsuccessful in life. The theory that:

Tomorrow is my exams but I am not studying Because
A piece of paper cannot define my Future…

Don’t know who said it, but they attach a lot of intelligent people image with it.

And this quote which I think is incomplete has motivated a lot of students in life. As we live in a world where we are so concerned about our images, that if someone working hard for something and still fail to achieve the target. They get depressed and demotivate, and this goes to the extent of suicide. That why comforting quotes like these are getting popular that shield us from the harsh truth of failure.

So, this incomplete quote is also misunderstood with “it doesn’t matter if I fail or pass, A piece of paper…”. But that wrong, at least for teens till they get to college. After college really marks don’t matter. But in school, marks matter a lot, they decide most of your future.

For example, if you study and get good marks in school, you will end up in a good college which gives you are learning and motivating atmosphere. And you will end up being more successful than a friend who got a low grade in school and then studied in an OK-OK collage. This happens in most of the cases, but there are people who have their own aim from their teens. And they find working on their goals more important but not everyone gets success.

Do marks Matter? Yes they Really Do – But only when you have no goal

Digging into a deeper level marks mater. YES, marks show the amount of hard work and dedication you have put in for the work. Story is important, I Know so let’s start…

Marks Create a Difference in School

There is a school friend of mine. We both were in the same school and want to become engineers in the future. But, in 12th my friend got more marks than me, which eventually got him a better college than me. The difference between his collage and mine was the thinking and dedication of the students. In his college, many of the students thought of working on innovation and getting a job and exams were secondary for them. (learning here is more important than getting a score in exams).

He worked on many interesting projects and got huge exposure in his field and eventually landed up getting a good job in one of the big companies in the field. On the other side of the store was I, in a collage were everyone including teachers wanted to score on the board. Getting more mark was given preference over learnings. I was asked to attend class instead of working on an application that I wanted to create. That could change a lot of things for me. At last, we were asked to get placements and that the end you are successful if you are placed in any company. I completed my engineering but never tried to get any random job.

And now, I am here writing great content for you. And creating websites, doing work that I always want under the name of my company Wiz It Solution and working with a great company JSM technocrates.

I think, my collage placed an important role in defining me but I skipped a lot of class worked my ass off for learning new things. But for an average student of my college, a basic job was the ultimate aim. And the marks in school were the root of all the differences.


Marks cannot decide your future but will make a huge difference in the struggle you will have to do to achieve it.

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