How to Stay Fit without Gym

In this busy world, not everyone has time to go to the gym form staying fit. Also, it is not always the only option for you, when you want to workout gym is not mandatory, your wish is. seeing how to limit resources and time people have a gym is not the best option. So, it becomes important to understand How to stay fit without Gym.

Also, the gym comes with some additional costs. These include personal trainers, protein supplements, gym accessories which can dig a big hole in your pocket. Also, you need to invest a lot of time before and after the gym. and hours of fatigue of that comes with heavy workout sessions.

So, what we can do to save ourselves from these overheads. You can get and stay fit without the gym using some easy things and following a regular workout and diet plan:

Easy steps to stay fit without going to gym

Steps to stay fit without going to Gym
Steps to stay fit without going to Gym

For staying fit and getting a proper physique, we don’t need gym only consistent efforts are ok. I am not degrading gymming, they are the most necessary hour in your day. But not everyone who can go to gym regularly and do efforts worth results. Also, not every one of us needs a muscular physique and a beach body. So, the best way to achieve the target and save that little bit of time and money, there are some small changes in lifestyle that you can make to get be physically fit.

Do more basic exercise

Basic exercises like walking, cycling, taking stairs, bodyweight exercise, etc can create a huge difference in fitness. To stay fit you just need to do enough exercise that can balance it. Here are some basic things that you can do :

Walk whenever and wherever possible

a person walking to office
walk more to stay fit
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Walking is an important exercise but is the most underrated one. You can walk more and burn calories that will make you fit. But the question arises how? And I have the answer for you, here are a few things that you can do :

  1. Take a small walk every morning for about 15 minutes (if possible). This can change your day in those first 15 mins of day, we usually do nothing.
  2. Go for Sunday walks with friends, usually, we treat Sunday as a day to chill and go out with friends. So, try to plan for a place that includes walking activity.
  3. Try to walk to near places, for buying daily items, going to cafes nearby, you can walk/cycle instead of going by vehicle.
  4. Add fun to your walk, use apps like STEP SET GO that give you coins for walking. And you can also challenge and compare it with your friends using it.

Take Stairs

Stairs can be a great exercise and can be easily involved in your daily lifestyle. Going to the office, shopping, etc use stairs to go up instead of elevators. This can make a huge difference. Also, if you can’t walk in the morning, just use the stairs of your house or apartment.


cycle on road
Going to places by cycle can help you stay healthy and fit

Cycling is a fun exercise and can be easily added to your daily routine without much effort. Also, you will enjoy it a lot (i do it daily).

Go for body weight exercise

Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, planks, sit-ups. squats can make a difference. Ans maintain your body shape. After this, you can add small weight or increase exercise type to take your fitness to another level.

Check on your Diet

Dieting is one of the things that you can do to stay fit. Dieting does not mean going for a day or two without eating. It is instead of changing eating habits to healthy ones. Here, are some changes that can help :

  1. Go for black coffee instead of fancy once like a frappe. Try to replace regular coffee or tea with black tea or black coffee in your morning routine.
  2. Say no to carbonated drinks, energy drinks and soft drinks are great sources of body fat so try to eliminate it.
  3. Try to add veggies in your meal
  4. Avoid junk food.
  5. Drink more water

So, these are some small changes that can make you fit. And also these will help you stay fit without gym. You will definitely feel good and this will become a habit in some time.

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