Women empowerment – It’s Time to Change

Women empowerment is a topic which should not be in world. Its our bad luck that we are talking about it.
Every creature of the world have a natural right to live but only human females have even not the right.
We all know its a burning topic today. Women’s are working alongside men in all spheres. Playing multiple roles in families, women’s are already proven their worth. But, there is a need to create an environment for their social and economic uplift meant.

It’s a time taking work

In our rural areas, the condition of women is very different from cities… It’s very far from satisfactory and their contributions to the Indian economy is negligible. We are neglecting the power of our #half population. It may be used in the betterment of our nation. Our nation cannot be said as a developed nation without empowering our women’s.

Looking for change

We all know that the daughters of our nation are really doing a great job in every field. Its really important to pay proper attention , support and create opportunity in all areas for their betterment.
The government has made rules ..given aid… But they are we who have to implement all such things. Each and every people have to be aware and let it start from our home from our family.
There is a need for attitudinal change in society with regard to womenfolk, treating them with proper respect, maintain dignity and equality.
We have to create a safe environment is a need to talk to our girls about #good touch and #bad touch. To teach the art of self-defense. They only require love, support, care.
If it will be possible…
Each and Every girl will be a bright star of our Indian galaxy.

The blog is submitted by Rupali


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