Wish u all a very Happy Independence Day (with a message)

This post was submitted by “Uma Dasgupta” – A B.Tech student from ITM University Gwalior.

When a year ago I got a chance for higher studies away from my home, my father was feeling proud, really I saw his eyes glittering after so many months. But like all other dads, he didn’t show he stayed strong.

But when actually I was leaving home my mom was in tears and gave me several advice like eat properly, take care etc… But my dad was sitting quite… It was an hour journey from my home to the airport but he didn’t speak a word… He tried to keep himself strong but I saw a strange fear in his face…

So, finally, we reached the Airport… All he said was “stay strong”. I was about to enter the airport suddenly he came to me and said “listen always reach hostel before 7, send your vehicle details whenever you travel”

That one moment strikes my mind today also… Forces me to raise the question are we really independent?? In a country where a father still when sending her princess outside the home is much more worried about her safety than being sad that his doll will not come running to him every day when he returns from office..

Still today in India we teach boys from childhood that “ladke rote nhi” will the country wouldn’t have been better if we should have taught them “ladhke rulate nhi

This independence day let us come together to take a step towards the safety of every woman.

A step towards security, a step towards humanity.

Wish u all a very Happy Independence Day!


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