Tips for managing your employees in a better way

Employers often have to deal with a team of employees or subordinates. Their success and failure is indirectly affected by the way his team works. So it is very important for him to manage his team of employees efficiently, so that they deliver positive results.

Few tips which help you manage your employees in a better way

Here are a few tips which help you manage your employees in a better way:

1) Insight

Know your employees, their positive and negative aspects. Know how to utilize the positive aspects to improve his work efficiency and keep a check on the negative aspects or weaknesses and guide him accordingly.

2) Be realistic

When assigning tasks or work to your employees, be realistic or practical. Do not over burden them with work, follow a schedule and ask them to plan the tasks accordingly. Prioritize the wok in the list, which task is urgent and which can be done a little later. Ask your employees according to this priority list.

3) Be positive

Motivate and encourage your employees to perform better, support them when they need your help. Appreciate them for their efforts, say when they have done some good work or finished the work within the deadline.

4) Feedback

Conduct feedback meetings to know the mindset of your employees, the problems they are facing, any new ideas, suggestions that might help increase the productivity or efficiency of the team and the work as a whole.

5) Correcting

When an employ is unable to perform or is inefficient, call him to your room and discuss the problem personally and try to motivate him to perform better. Try to find out the reason for inefficiency. Do not be rude and abusive to him, as this will create a negative feeling towards you and also de-motivate him to perform better. Also remember that never criticise your employees in front of other employees, this may harm his self esteem and ego.

6) Team spirit

Encourage your employees to participate. Encourage them to inculcate team spirit. Take responsibility as a team. Try to bring out the creativity and innovativeness in them. They should be able to develop interest in the task rather than just do it monotonously under pressure.

7) Leisure activities

Organize small get togathers, parties and outing with your team of employees. This will not only help in relaxation and developing a good employer and employee relationship, but will also help in knowing each other in a better way. It will help develop a bond between the two.

8) Training

Organise regular training programmes for your employees, to modify their skills and to increase their work efficiency. Trainings should not only be conducted in the area of job skill upgradation, but should also include workshops related to, development of interpersonal skills, personality development, problem solving and other such issues.

9) Reward

Reward your employees for their efforts, say when they do some good work or complete a task within the given deadline. Rewards can be in the form of promotions, bonus, increment or perks; or they can be in the form of a certificate, appreciation letter, a gift, medal and recognition in front of their colleagues and superiors. This will not only increase the loyalty of the employee towards the employer, but he will try to perform even better in the future.

So friends if you following the tips mentioned above, I ensure you will be able to maintain a health employer and employee relationship and will also be able to manage your employees in a better way.


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