If you want to grow your company, you should start investing in training

I’ve heard about many company policies, employers hire employees, assign them to work with deadlines and if employees are unable to complete the work they fire them.

“Hire and Fire” formula is now common in many companies.

Every company wants to grow, but only a few companies invest in training.

You should remember that the employees, who are working for your company, are assets of the company and if you invest in them in training, they can yield good returns.

How can training grow your company?

  • A trained employee can complete the work faster – if an employee is trained in the related field he/she will not waste time in searching for a solution to a particular problem.
  • A trained employee can also help his/her juniors in completing their work within deadlines efficiently.
  • If company’s work/tasks are being completed on time, you’ll be able to deliver the product on time to the client and there is no need to fire and again hire a new employee. Hence, you can save time and money.

What kind of training should be provided to the employees?

It depends on the employee’s work, yet I categorized training in three parts.

1) Work/Technology based training

This is the main field of the training, you should arrange training related to their work and job profile, let’s understand with two examples:

  1. If you are in the product selling field, you have a sales team – you can arrange “Sales and marketing training” for them by the high professionals from the same field. Who will teach them the ideas to market your productsbringing the orders faster
  2. If you are in the field of technology, you have a team with developers – you can arrange training to related technologies (for example, your company designs the Android and iOS based applications – you can arrange training with latest and popular modules).

Such kind of training (based on the company’s work/profile) enhances the employee’s technical knowledge (or knowledge in their field), that will be favorable for a  company’s future.

2) Communication/interpersonal behavior-based training

I am an Indian,  working in an Indian based company and I know the Indian company’s culture (I am talking about Indian based companies which are small or medium-sized). Most of the guys are good in technological know-how,  but bad in communication (I am one of them).

You can provide the communication and behavioral training so that they can represent their ideas in a better way in front of the company’s clients.

Let’s suppose, if you have a sales team with poor communication skills then how will they be able to bring orders from the clients?

3) Employee’s interest based training

I know this is not a part of company’s work, but I assure you, if you do so you’ll gain more loyalty, the faith of your employees.

How? I have written many times that employees are working for you and they also have their goals. If you help them fulfill their goals they will help you to grow your business.

If you are unable to pay more for them then you can help them by investing in them in their interest based training. For example, few employees are interested to start blogging (I’m a blogger so I am taking this example), you should arrange training about blogging, SEO, and other related topics.

What will be the benefits of this training?

Again taking the same example, if your employees are good at blogging and SEO

  • They can start their own blogs to earn extra money. If they are financially relaxed they can give better results.
  • They can help in your business by promoting their blogs. You can also use them for your company’s online business by paying extra amount. (Here you can save money because you’ll not need to create a separate department or hire outside experts for it).

In the end, I would say “don’t be afraid to invest in employee’s training. A trained employee can give more than 100 times more returns on your investments”.



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