Blogging from Hills Covered in Greenery

Seldom does it happen that I get the chance to take out my phone not to dive in on my social feeds, but to capture such an enticing treat of a location?

Never did it occur to me that a journey that is annoyingly tiresome for the body could be so exhilarating for the soul that still wants to travel the whole world with nothing but a bag full of expectations to savor all that this planet has to offer.

Last week I went to Gwalior just for a day to visit my family and in the meantime, I was working and discovered this captivating restaurant on the hills run by the forest department.

Kudos to the forest department for actually living up to their duty and showcasing how no concrete jungles can fill the voids if there was no greenery to get rid of the blues.

Another amusing detail of Gwalior that managed to sweep me off my feet was how there are still such places in India that are well developed and yet can boast about the air that feels refreshing, unpolluted, and warm.

My trip had only 24 hours in its pocket, but honestly, it will be tough not to plan another trip to unravel the other delights Madhya Pradesh is famous for.

With my storage packed with photos, and my heart stuffed with dazzling memories, I left Gwalior, till then enjoy this picture of me enjoying one of the bits of my life that I can call full of life.

Blogging from Hills Covered in Greenery

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