Sometimes time is a barrier in blogging

I am a full-time employee of a company and manage three websites simultaneously, it becomes really tough for me to manage all the websites with the full-time job.

Due to a shortage of time, sometimes I am not able to:

  • Take breakfast in the morning.
  • Make a call to my parents and friends.
  • Make a plan to go out and enjoy or relax.
  • Go for walk.

Due to such a hectic schedule, there are many other things/activities which I am losing and I am unable to find a solution for this problem. Many times I feel like sleeping early at night around 11 or 12 pm but when I see the sticky notes on my wall there are many pending things which need to be finished. As a result, I immediately start working on them. By the time I finish my tasks it gets late night around 3 or 4 A.M.

Now, the time is 03:30 am and I’m awake like an owl 🙁



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