Success Mantras for a blogger

Nowadays everybody wants to become a successful person and wants to earn money and fame. Blogging is one of the best ways to fulfill your dreams; blogging gives you both money and fame. But your blogs must be successful and should attract a lot of viewer traffic.

Hello friends, today I am here with some points (facts) about blogging if you want to become a successful blogger and earn fame and money. You will have to make your blogs successful, in this blog, I am providing the success Mantras for a blogger:

Update your blog with fresh and unique content.

  1. Regular update of the website is very necessary – you have to make a schedule to write and update posts, you can upload one or two posts per day, you can write a post within two days but you should regularly update your website with new posts. Why regular updates are important for a website:
    • Regular updates force Readers to visit your website regularly; hence you can derive direct traffic from your website.
    • Regular updates assist in ranking your website by Google – Google or other Search Engines give priority to those websites who upload regular posts and they rank them accordingly, hence your website can get higher ranking in the search engine if updates are constant and regular.
  2. Your website’s posts must be targeted to attract the Readers, always try to help the Readers by providing them good and quality content. If you focus on the Search Engines through mismatching of keywords and content, the website may not be useful for the Readers and you will lose the Reader’s loyalty.
  3. Be honest while sharing your blogging experience – if you are sharing your website’s traffic and income proofs to the Readers, you should provide correct and genuine facts to your Readers.
  4. Answer each query of the Readers – You designed your website for the Readers and it is your responsibility to answer their queries with correct and prompt replies. It will create trust between you and your Readers.
  5. Share your newly updated posts on the social media so that your followers can get instant notifications of your new posts. Social Media is also a good way to derive traffic on your new posts (as they do not rank instantly in the Google).
  6. I always say that if you are a blogger then, writing/blogging must be your passion; you should be passionate about blogging and try to put correct facts in the post (for this you can read related topics on the Internet).
  7. You should also focus on the Organic traffics (Google Organic Searches, Bing Organic Searches) – to achieve good ranking in search engines, your posts must be optimized for the Search engines. Learn and master Search Engine Optimization, do the SEO (On-Page an Off-Page) so that your blogs can get good ranking in the Search Engines.

I hope this blog will be helpful to you in achieving the desired results for your blogs.



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