Life and time is very precious

If you are feeling that someone is cheating you and you’re really possessive about him/her, then you should not rethink again and again about your partner. Life is very precious; the time which is lost will never come back again, therefore you have to think about your career growth.

A few years ago, I was facing the same situation; I was depressed and unable to focus on my career.

When I felt, that my girlfriend is not loyal or she didn’t love me, I diverted my mind and started working on my websites. I created a tutorial website (of course, it was and started sharing my knowledge there.

I always missed her, so I always worked on the website and I was able to create a good website and quality content.

I’m writing this blog just because I feel that I should share Why do I work all the time on the websites (blogging)?

Here, I would say to all my friends (especially my Indian friends), please do not waste your time on thinking about such kind of things. You have a life of your own; you have many things to do. And definitely you can do it, so start working hard to achieve your dreams and goals instead of unworthy things which distract you from your goals.



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