Feel happy for what you have and don’t crib over what you don’t have

Happiness will never come to those who fail to recognize what they already have

Today everyone is running the mad race of achieving high and gaining more and more comforts, wealth and status. So much so that they have forgotten to take care of themselves, their relationships and what actually makes them happy. People are trying out all means and ways to attain happiness, without even understanding the actual meaning of happiness, or what will actually make them happy.

We need to calm down and introspect, whether attaining materialistic possessions, status in society or earning heavy packages of salary are the real source of our happiness. Or are we losing our calm and precious time and relations in trying o attain them? Yes, I agree that some amount of wealth, money, a good position in society, and respect in society is required to be happy and contended. But at what cost do we attain these things. Do we sacrifice our peace of mind, health, relationships to gain these things?  No, I don’t think this the right way to do it.

Then what and how do we maintain a balance and how do we figure out the right way to maintain a balance. For these friends, you need to introspect. Introspect on what exactly you want, how you want to see yourself. Live a life the way you want to live, not on the basis how people want to see you live. Find out what are your requirements, what will make you happy, contented and fulfilled. This differs from individual to individual.

To gain happiness in life one needs to contend with the things which life has offered him? People who don’t recognize and respect what they have received or gained in life can never be ever happy. One will have to first learn to be happy with what life has offered him; he should be able to mold his life to a positive aspect of things which he already has. He will have to learn to control his desires, wants for those things which are not that much required and he can still do without having them. He will have to decrease and control his desires and wants and learn to live a comfortable and contented life with whatever he has with him. He should be thankful for the life he is living, for the people who are there to take care of him and support him. One should consider himself lucky that he has something with him to keep him moving in life, some people even don’t have the very basic necessities and comforts of food, clothing, and shelter.

People who have fewer demands, expectations and live a simple living are the happiest ones in the long run of life. People who appreciate what they have and live a contented life face lesser unhappiness and turmoil in life. The best way to live your life is by using the available resources to the optimum to get the best results, have limited wants and desires, and be happy in whatever situation one faces.

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