Life is trying things to see if they work

Life is all about trying out new things; Life is trying things to see if they work; It is a way to learn new things every moment; a way to learn from our mistakes.

Life is all about trying out new things

This is what Ray Bradbury said ‘Life is trying things to see if they work’.

Life is a journey of trial and errors. It is a way to learn new things every moment; a way to learn from our mistakes. No one is perfect or no one knows how to live a perfect life. One learns from his environment, actions, and experiences. Life is trying out things to see whether they work out.

Individuals differ in their perceptions, beliefs, and thinking. What is good or right for one person may not be the same for the other. Everyone has a different way and style of living one’s life. Life is an experiment where with every passing moment people try out new things and modify the old ones to see whether they suit their taste and requirement. And this experimenting and trial error process goes until one’s death. A child when is born is taken care of his parents and his family. When he becomes an infant he is allowed to explore the world around him, he crawls, walks, Mates new food, and gradually is ready to go to school. In the school, he meets new friends, teachers and also learns the basis of education.

In the adolescent phase, he tries adjusting with the hormonal and changing mental and emotional states. Slowly he steps into adulthood, thrives to attain a good career, takes upon family responsibilities and tries to attain respect and status in the society. In this whole process, a person adjusts and adapts to various life-changing phases and moments. He constantly tries out numerous ways and strategies to maintain a balance and cope with the new phases in his life. He overcomes numerous obstacles to attain the desired personality, status and outcome in life. One is not aware of the fact that he is trying out new things and ways to make him happy and contented. This is an unconscious automatic process. It a rule of nature to try out things to keep life moving and those who refrain from this their life comes to a standstill. They feel bored, depressed, lack self-esteem and self-confidence, and are unable to achieve success and goodwill in life.

One needs to understand that time is never the same forever. It keeps changing and one needs to change with it. People need to move according to the demands of time. Things that worked in the earlier generations may not work for the new generation, they need to look for alternatives to suit the new requirements; develop new strategies to get positive outcomes. Change is a necessity and adaptation to change and new ways and strategies are the key to actual success and happiness. Don’t hold yourself back, be part of the change. Adapt to it and keep trying things or see whether it works or not. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work, look for another alternative and keep trying till you reach your desired outcome or until you are satisfied and happy.



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