7 Starbucks Beverages in 5 hours

It was the usual workday for me at Tata Starbucks Nehru Place but I did not sleep the previous night which eventually resulted in a lot of fatigue but due to some work and prior commitments I had to sacrifice my sleep and come to work. 

Nevertheless, I experienced 7 coffees within 6 hours just to fight my sleep and get active. The coffees did their magic and I was able to finish off all my work and go back home with a productive day. 

Beverages that helped me fight my sleep

1. Cappucino

Now, this is the most common coffee and anyone who has visited a coffee house even once knows about it. Usually, I start my work with this coffee but I prefer it strong. The recipe was Double Shot of Espresso Roast mixed with hot steamed milk and no sugar. This cup was over in 25 mins but still, I was dizzy then I ordered something new. 

2. Confetti Cookie Latte

This is the Winter Special Coffee offered by Tata Starbucks but I ordered it with no sugar and no whip cream. Confetti Cookie Latte does not require sugar to be added as it has the natural essence and taste of cookie with espresso roast mixed in hot steamed milk. This coffee lasted less than 20 mins and the same was the case, I was not able to get rid of my sleep. 

3. Toffee Nut Crunch Latte

This is again the Winter Special of Tata Starbucks and this time I ordered a big size and the same was my recipe “no sugar extra hot”. Toffee Nut Crunch Latte consists of toffee flavour along with coffee bean roast served in hot steamy milk. This lasted a bit more i.e, 45 mins (approx). 

This coffee did some magic and I repeated the order once more. 

4. Americano

One of the partners at Tata Starbucks suggested I drink hot americano as he was very much sure that it will help me to get rid of sleep. Americano is pure coffee i.e, I ordered a Grande size and the recipe was 2 shots of Espresso Roast mixed with hot water. It is very strong in taste which the name defines itself. It lasted for more than an hour not because of its size but because of its taste as it was very much strong. 

5. Red Hat Mocha

Although sleep was not disturbing me now I had an urge to drink something new which was not very sweet so this time I tried the Red Hat Mocha this is also one of the Winter Special offered by Tata Starbucks. 

My recipe for it was 1 shot of espresso roast, 2 pumps of mocha along with hot steamy milk I think this was the perfect way to drink this beverage. Do let me know in the comment section below your way to drink this beverage. 

6. Americano

It will sound funny that to overcome the taste of Americano I ordered Red Hat Mocha but after trying this again I ordered Americano this time Grande Size and eventually, my sleep ran away by trying so many different tastes of coffee. 

7. Emperor’s Cloud & Mist

This is the most unique name one can give to a Green Tea and usually, this is the second beverage I have after Cappucino and usually, I drink this beverage only throughout the day but this time its turn came at the last. 

I ordered this in the Venti size just to detox the body after drinking so many different beverages. 

Although I could have slept in the day rather than trying these beverages I have a principle that I will sleep on at night and not throughout the day be it any given situation. 

Thank You, Readers 🙂


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