What women think about men and what men think about women?

We all have different habits and way of living one’s life. Based on others observations and judgement, certain stereotypes and views are developed. So today let’s talk about what each genders view is about the other gender, in other words what women think about men and what men think about women.

Let’s first talk about what women have to say:

  1. When it comes to putting an alarm, they will fix the alarm early in the morning say by five or six o’clock. But when the alarm rings then they will put it off and again go to sleep, and wake up one hour before they have to go to office.
  2. For them their parents are everything and very precious. They want all great treatment for them but when the same is expected from them for their in-laws nothing like that is displayed by them.
  3. Men want everything to be organised. They are well organised and systematic in office, but in the home front all their belongings will lay here and there and they will always be looking for their belongings but will not be able to find them.
  4. Men are always of the opinion people should follow traffic rules. But when they have to go somewhere, they will always be in a hurry as they perceive they don’t have time. They will drive through speedily, and when someone blocks their way, or they have to wait on red lights, they will get furious and start cursing others that they are inefficient drivers and because of their foolish driving style they are getting more delayed.
  5. Responsibility is an alien word for men. If they are asked to buy something on the way home, or are assigned a job like paying the electricity bill, etc. they generally forget on the way.
  6. In regard to their children, when their kids are scoring well or kids win any competition or do an appreciable work, then the credit should go to their father, but when they are doing poorly in their studies or lag behind other children in terms of studies, activities and manners, then the mothers are to be blamed.
  7. There are males who love to cook; it is true that they cook delicious food. But the bad news is that when they cook, the kitchen is the mess and cleaning is not a cup of tea for men, here women have to lend their hand to clean up the mess.
  8. They love to go around with a number of girls but when it comes to commitment, they are just not ready for a steady relationship.
  9. They love to talk about their ex-girl friends and their past affairs but when their spouse tries to do the same, or discloses that she met her ex-boyfriend or a male friend all hell breaks down, they become cynical.
  10. When they have to say something to their spouses then they desire that their spouse should listen with full concentration and interest. But when their spouses are talking something serious and important, they hardly listen or just respond with a yah or hmm.
  11. Men are flirts, they are always ogling at or flirting in public places, weddings etc. even when they have their beautiful wives besides them.
  12. They are forgetful people when it comes to remembering important dates like, anniversaries, birthdays they always forget them, but when they will always remember when a cricket test match or T20 series begin.
  13. For them watching TV means watching a cricket match or news, and they think that women waste their time watching daily soaps.
  14. When it comes to telephonic conversations, they seem to be always busy in a meeting or work when their spouse or girl friend calls. They will end up saying ‘I will call you back when I will get free’, but the tragedy is that they never get the time and opportunity to call back, they are always busy it seems.
  15. They love to criticise, specially their spouses, they enjoy pin pointing small matters about their wives. But when their spouses try to correct them on their behaviour and habits, their ego gets hurt.

As women have their views about men; men too have views about them. Let’s see what they are like:

  1. Women are strange, they want that their spouses should understand they feel and think. They expect that their spouses should be able to read their mind and react accordingly, they just saying anything openly.
  2. They are always obsessed about money and saving. No matter how much money you give them to spend and save, they will still want more. They will always be dissatisfied with their spouses for not using finances in the right manner. They think that men are born to misuse money.
  3. They love to make their boy-friends and spouses wait. They will always say they will just take five minutes to get ready or reach a destination and would land up after half an hour or more.
  4. They are possessive and always want to know everything. They are curious to know where their spouses are going, whom they are spending their time. Why he needs to stay out late for meetings and so on. They are ever enquiring.
  5. When they have to make a decision they are always confused. They want consent of their spouses on every small aspect, which dress they should wear for a party, whether they can go for shopping, what to buy for their relatives for a birthday or anniversary and so on.
  6. They are always obsessed about cleanliness and an organised home. They get pissed off when things are messy. They want everything organised and tidy.
  7. They love to shop, shop and shop, but when their spouses spend some money partying with their friends. Shopping for them is a mania. They love to buy things which are on sale, or love to bargain on small amounts with shopkeepers and think that they have saved a lot of money by bargaining.
  8. Whatever they body shape and size might be but they will always desire to become zero size, they will try out all products to reduce their weight and figure or go for a diet. But after the diet period is over they will gulp down all that they like and again start worrying that they have gained weight and need to go for weight reduction spree.
  9. No matter how they look, but they will try their best to look no lesser than a bollywood star. They will wear black clothes to hide to look slim, put on make up to look beautiful and glamorous.
  10. They love to try out new recipes and want their spouses to try them out, they want them to taste them and appreciate them.
  11. It is true that they are health conscious, not only for themselves but more for their spouses. They are worried about their spouses bulging belly, rising cholesterol level. They will try out different treatments, in the form of juices, diet food to control these things even if they taste yak.
  12. No one can understand their mood swings; sometimes they are happy and within second their mood changes. No one can guess what will make them smile and when they will get angry. They are sensitive and tears and ager seem to be their weapon to make men do what they desire.
  13. Nothing seems to satisfy them. They always feel that their spouses are hiding things from them. Their spouses never share information with them.
  14. They love to chat; they enjoy long chats with their friends on telephone. Men can’t figure what they talk about for hours. They can just talk and talk and talk and don’t allow others to say what they think.
  15. They are always insecure. They are under the impression that their spouses are having an affair, or are still meeting their ex-girlfriend. For this they may even spy over them by checking their mobiles and social networking sites.

These are some perceptions and stereotypes that both the genders have in regard to each other. These are general assumptions and may not be true for all men or women. There are individual differences. What may be true for one may not be true for the other.

These views have been developed by observing the general behaviour and habits of both the genders after much observation and research. One should not feel offended by them and should not take it as personal comment for them. Every person has their own habits and way of living one’s life, nothing is good or bad. What may be good for one person may be bad for the other.

Here we are just talking about what each gender feels about the other or what complaint they have for the other. Read this blog as an information source and not as personal comment or judgement.


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