The Monsoon Morning on Staycation

Every picture tells a story. The story is full of memories and experiences. Experience shared yet lives alone. Memories captured out of priceless moments are gone forever.

This picture right here was captured by me when I was on a staycation (Hotel Suruchi, Gwalior). The monsoon morning felt unreal. Mornings bring sunshine, warmth, and hope. Hope to get up and let go of the darkness and to start all over again.

Monsoon Morning on Staycation

Life is capricious yet we opt to ignore what the universe beholds for us. What it has for us.

Nothing remains. Just like the trees, people grow, become old, and die. What’s left is just the fragrance of what you sowed. What a sublime way to commence my day with my usual cup of coffee and some breakfast in front of this serene view. Sometimes isolating yourself from all those metropolitan noises can make you realize nothing can beat the peace that one finds in solitude.


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